Another test post

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Testing, testing, sibilants, sibilants.

UPDATE: Finally found the problem with comments. When I cut and pasted the code from the Javascript template in a brand new MT 4.0 test blog to the corresponding template in BatesLine, MT insisted on throwing in a bunch of extra line feeds. Another ctrl-c ctrl-v attempt succeeded in copying the text with no additional line feeds. Saving and publishing the template took care of it.

I will still need to rebuild the rest of the entries. There's still an issue with the queuing mechanism. I have mods I want to make to the entry template (include Technorati tags and categories, for example). And I want to import the old linkblog entries into a new MT 4.0 blog and then cross-link that with the homepage for BatesLine. And of course, I want to replace the banner image with something more representative of Tulsa.

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Movable Type login test.

LiveJournal authentication test.

TypeKey authentication test.

Michael Bates said:

Anonymous commenter test.

meeciteewurkor said:

annoying citeewurkor test

Dan Paden said:

Something more representative of Tulsa, eh? You're gonna have a darn hard time securing a visual representation of a sales tax, I think.

Tyson Wynn said:

Hmmmm, can I be trusted? Anyway, I already miss the old Underground style header image you had. You sure you can't smooth that out or update it or something? It was Bates!

You can be trusted, but only if you use some authentication method!

I might put the Underground header back up there. Nice to know someone else is fond of it, too. It'll take more tweaking of the template to make that work.

Maybe I could put the word BATESLINE in Belvedere-style lettering....

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

I promise to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

How may of these traits do you see in Kathy Taylor?

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