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With Movable Type 4.0, you have a number of ways to authenticate yourself to post a comment. You can continue to use a Typekey account as before. You can also log in using Live Journal or with an OpenID. You can also register for a commenting account for this installation of Movable Type (good for BatesLine and, eventually, the BatesLine linkblog). If you authenticate with one of those methods and are "trusted," your comments will appear on the site automatically, soon after they have been posted.

If you don't want to use any of those means of authentication, you can still comment "anonymously" by inputting your name and e-mail address and entering a CAPTCHA code, so I know you're a human and not a spambot. Your e-mail address will never appear on the site.

A note to those using various ad and script blockers: You must have Javascript enabled for the domain in order to comment here. The mechanism won't work otherwise. To use one of the authentication methods you will probably also need to enable Javascript for the authenticator's domain as well.

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Roy said:

I am not a spambot, even tho I did use the anon comment route.

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

love the new site look. did you use a blue ribbon panel to come up with it? did you rely on the advice of a buddy in your backyard to design it or guide your panel?

probably not. and it works well. would that our mayor thought clearly enough to let someone who has actually worked on a street to give her advice. i can foresee many streets covered in water in the future.

does asphalt rust? davis will find a way.

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