Civic literacy quiz

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The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has developed a 60-question civics quiz, and you should give it a whirl. Here's how they describe the test:

Each question included was intended to test important knowledge. Working with a distinguished board of professors from around the country and outside reviewers, we identified 60 themes that appear in the first column of the following table. This listing illustrates the range of ideas tested in American history (questions 1-17), American government and political thought (18-31), international affairs (32-47) and the market economy (48-60). The themes consist of basic civic knowledge or concepts, not obscure or arbitrarily selected knowledge.

It's multiple choice, and each question has five choices. 70% is the average so far among those taking it on the Internet.

I aced it, to my surprise. There were a few where I wasn't positive about the right answer, but I was able to eliminate all the other answers.

Take the quiz first, then read on below.

They've tabulated the results among college freshmen and college seniors at 50 colleges and universities. The most missed question among freshmen and seniors had to do with the traditional criteria for a just war; only 16% and 19% got the answer right, respectively.

Only five questions cracked 80% in either group. They had to do with (in descending order) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Cold War and the USSR, the inalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration, the New Deal, and Brown v. Board of Education.

(Via Wizbang.)

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I did a "speed round" - less than five minutes. With my stream of consience I got a 65. Drat!

I'll try again tonight, when I have more time.

David V Author Profile Page said:

I got an 88.33%

John Locke, Philosopher Kings, Reconstruction, and a few other items stumped me.

But then I went to a public school in Minnesota, so that explains it.
Great find, Michael!

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

What? No Columbia U on these stats? I would have loved to see how the Lions fared on this.

I too scored an 88%. Wrestled with the democracy vs. Philosopher kings. What a maroon...did my HS. Sr. Research paper on The Republic.

Bob Burch said:

I gotta 96%!!!!
Score one for the ratty history major.

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