ORU lawsuit update

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While we were focused on the election, there have been several interesting developments in the lawsuit by three former professors against Oral Roberts University, including the filing of an amended petition that now appears to include the entirety of the "scandal vulnerability assessment." That assessment document looks like a set of draft notes (the last 9 pages) by one writer and another writer's attempt to translate, correct typos, and organize the information in the draft notes (the first 8 pages.

I have to compliment April Marciszewski of the Tulsa World for her coverage of the lawsuit. Their web team has done a fine job of collecting all of the relevant information in a special online package, including links to the key documents.

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s said:

Does anybody know if Stephanie Cantese, sister of Lindsey Roberts ever had any real estate dealings with Randi Miller? I'm pretty sure I saw Randi Miller at McGraw Realtors at 8lst with another female around the time Miller was trying to run for Mayor. Just wondering if it might have been Stephanie that works at Oral Roberts.

There's a blog that was written on 10/10/2007 by Amber that says she is a current ORU employee and friend of the Robert's family. She witnessed their indiscretions and she benefitted from them. She states even though she will lose all of her company benefits, her house, and all of her bills that are paid for plus her salary for crossing the Richard Roberts family, she says she is one of the "numerous" employees who benefit from the misuse of money and abuse of power at Oral Roberts University. Is this shocking? She goes on to explain....
the Roberts are lying and that their PR gang of Mike Bernard, Jeff Ogle, Nancy Brainerd and Dave Ellsworth who have just as much to lose if the truth is exposed. Also, notice Oral Roberts did not adress any of the money misappropriations. because it is all true. She states she has gone on trips to Newport Beach which the expenses of the trip were all written off a a visit to Oral Roberts! This is one of many such indiscretions. At least half a dozen other employees former and current have stepped up to support the plaintiffs because they can validate the claims in the lawsuit. She says as a witness who has been on the receiving financial end the Roberts at Oral Roberts University.

I am curious if Oral Roberts has had any kind of connection to the St.Matthews Churches direct mail which the owner is Ewing who helped Oral Roberts learn how to make millions of dollars over the years in his financial seed faith giving technique. Oral is reported to have been so impressed with Ewing when he met him quite a few years ago that Oral Roberts had wanted to sell a plane but after talking with Ewing ended up giving Ewing the plane which cost loads of money. Both Ewing and Oral Roberts live/have lived in expensive California places and live like the very rich do all while Oral Roberts and Richard Roberts have pleaded for money over the years because they have such high debt. It's hard to imagine anyone begging and pleading for people to give while they have both lived the extravant lifestyle through the years.
Of all places in the U.S. Ewing apparently has J.C. Joyce receive the St.Matthews Churches direct mail money and has people in his office open up the mail that has money in it. Tulsa World has done a story about J.C. Joyce but they never asked J.C. Joyce if St. Matthews Churches had any connection financially to Oral Roberts or the ORU. Possibly the Tulsa World newspaper reporter never thought to ask r put the Ewing/Roberts connection together.

Pamela said:

Chris Medlock mentioned on the radio this week that he received a call I think when Randi Miller was running for County Commissioner. He stated that both she and Stephanie were on the call.

I noticed on the Tulsa Whirled page that nothing in the introductory paragraph on top mentions the claim that ORU funds and students were used for Randi Miller's mayoral campaign. It just mentions the extravagant spending on the dole of ORU.

I'm really concerned about this. I am a ORU alum with two degrees from the school. I came to Tulsa in 1977 to attend ORU and never left. For many years I have heard of different things from friends of mine at ORU that supposedly went down. I just cannot believe that all of them are slimy creatures that hate the school.

We have been trying trying to look for an old friend from ORU that if my memory serves me right had tried to deal with some wrongdoing. I do not remember that it was directly related to Oral or not. When he brought it up they 'lost' his senior paper. This was before PCs were invented so to reproduce a senior paper was next to impossible if no copies were made. I checked his information on the ORU alumni page and they do not have a graduation date for him. I do remember him leaving ORU after they 'lost' his paper. We have been trying to find him but lost track. I'm sure the last thing he wanted to do was to deal with anyone from ORU at that point. This was in 1980 or 1981.

I watched the chapel service online on www.oru.edu from last Wednesday 10/10. Billy Joe Daugherty was the speaker. When my Mom told me that he left the Regent Board in June I came to the conclusion that something was going down. I was stunned to hear this news because if anyone has a heart for ORU it is that man. I remember him on campus before Victory Christian Center was founded I think in 1979. If anyone would stay on the Regent Board until his dying day it would be him IMHO. If I trust any preacher I trust the sincerity of Billy Joe Daugherty. He is not a perfect man but I believe he wants to honor God. When I heard he left the board I was convinced that it was not voluntary. At the beginning of his message he briefly mentioned about him leaving and coming back. After hearing that I was more convinced than ever that he was forced off the board. I was glad that when the head of the Regent Board, George Pearsons, asked him to return that he accepted. He preached a somber message on repentance.

An old friend of mine is on the alumni board and keeps us informed of the progress made. I also contacted George Pearsons. I got a reply stating that if anything has been done wrong that it would be corrected. I received his email before the Regent Board was added to the lawsuit. Pearsons made comments about an hour into the service. The video is about 1:11. He ascknowledged that 'stuff is going on in the house' and that things would be corrected.

I do not have an axe to grind against ORU. I have wonderful memories from there with all the flaws. However the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. It is a rare person that is not pulled by money and its power. I'm not shocked at all that many people are benefiting from keeping quiet. As I stated I have heard of different things over the years. Sad to say many of them were situations where people tried to bring up wrongdoing and paid a dear price for it. It's hard to give up money for righteous living. If all of this is true it will be one more situation where Christians did not judge themselves. Therefore the courts and the media will.

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

I have to wonder how Oral/Richard can stay focused on the true message when surrounded by all that largess. Jesus told the rich young ruler that it was easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get in to heaven.

that was a commentary on the focus of one's life. if we are surrounded by luxury, it is hard to realize the extent of God's gifts to us because they are spiritual in nature, not tangible. why seek God's grace when you have a beamer and a 2,000 square foot closet? how can you look upon yourself as a sinner when everyone looks at you in your $1,000 suits and adores you?

the tragedy of this situation is the same as it was for jim and tammie faye, swaggart, and robert tilton. they had no intention of sacrificing their lifestyle to be a beacon for the unsaved. and their lifestyle overwhelmed their witness.

i will take my little 139 member church over oral and richard anyday.

Faith said:

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? These are ugly allegations and those of you that have made negative comments are just willing to believe it's all true. Why? Shame on you. If someone should accuse you of wrongdoing, then how would you feel having to defend yourself? Do you people even know the Roberts family? Your angry comments are ignorant and abusive. It's ridiculous and you're not taken seriously. This simply reflects badly on you. The only illegal activity proven to be true is that student who stole information from Stephanie Cantese's computer! Has that student thief been brought to justice? Perhaps we all should look to God for guidance and compassion and do what's right. Railroading the Roberts family is just not right.

bleuroxy said:

ORU founder returns to defend school: Oral Roberts came to his namesake university for the first time in three years on Monday and told students and employees in a chapel service "the devil is not going to steal ORU."

Read the rest of the story here.

For more stories, video, and slide shows dealing with the ORU lawsuit, click here.

Love never fails said:

In all of this we must remember that this is not a natural battle. Many look at the surface of the issues that arise. However, the Bible tells us that we don't wrestle against flesh & blood, but this is a spiritual battle. The enemy has chosen to sift this faily as wheat and in the process demean the very essence of Christianity and the purpose of God's people here on earth.
There is an attack against the body of Christ and this is the time for God's people to huble themselves and pray. I will not justify the acts of any individual (as I will not justify mine). These people are humans and are prone to error as we are. Unfortunately, they are in the lime light. They are scrutinized more. Let's pray for them; that God will continue to keep them. That they will not lose hope and turn away from God's plan. Let's also pray most importantly, that GOD's will prevails and He will be glorified at the end of all this.


ORU SLIM SHADY 2 begins where the ORU SLIM SHADY left off. It deals with
Richard Roberts, the ORU Scandal, Oral Roberts, Oral Roberts University and
the much maligned Richard & Lindsey Roberts CNN interview with Larry King.

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