River tax election day notes

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Here are some basic facts and figures and links to more information about today's election. Be sure to tune into KFAQ 1170. I'll be in studio from 6 a.m. on to talk about what the proposed Tulsa County river sales tax is and what it isn't.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The proposal is for a county-wide sales tax rate increase of 0.4 cents on the dollar, increasing the county's share of sales tax from 61/60ths (1.016666...) of a cent on each dollar to 85/60ths (1.416666...) of a cent on each dollar. The proceeds of the sales tax would be designated for river projects.

Here is a link to the text of the ballot resolution for the Tulsa County river sales tax, the signed and notarized commitment by the county to the voters regarding how the tax proceeds will be spent. As a backup, you can find the same text on the KJRH website.

The proponents of the tax have a website called ourriveryes.com.
The opponents of the tax have a website called notulsarivertax.com.

The Arkansas River category in the BatesLine archives has what I've written about the current proposal as well as last fall's The Channels proposal.

If you have specific questions, post a comment here or e-mail me at blog at batesline dot com, and I'll add the answers to this entry.

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s said:

If this vote passes or does not pass, I think Michael Bates has earned the respect on his outstanding report investigation on the Tulsa River Tax issues. I think he has done even better on the issues than the Tulsa World newspaper by far.

I was commenting to others how much the Yes campaign spent on their questionable and false advertising (Broken Arrow. With that much in the budget on advertising for the Yes campaign, do you honestly think it was a mistake that Randi Miller said in the comments she made about the Broken Arrow campaign info. Do you think with the ORU controversy and with the statement she quoted that is posted she will win any more elections?

People that are voting no in this campaign aren't just voting no because of the yes campaign lack of merit on many they place on their campaign material or the lack the Tulsa World newspaper losing the propert reporting nerve to give Michael Bates credit for much of what he has uncovered in facts on the River Tax, and many voters have still lost their confidence in the Vision vote.
Schustermann squeezed the vote by saying no Schustermann million dollar donation will be given unless people voted for the Vision tax.
Notice the $10 million Schustermann money donation gave them a Schustermann/OU visability on the real estate at 4lst and Yale (once Amoco) property. The real estate value of that property is more than $10 million -- same with the taxpayer supported downtown arena and the visability BOK received to have their name on the arena.

Controversy also happened with the "Arkansas Riverbed Claims Settlement Act". In the controversy over the Arkansas riverbed there were from reported news dashed negotiations, a general lack of ability to get the job done or even know what the real job was. In the settlement of the Arkansas Riverbed Claims Settlement, the sale of the Arkansas Riverbed heated way up when Mankiller was so eager to sell out the tribe and turn the Riverbed over to the State of Oklahoma.

Mankiller said Cherokee people would retain the mineral rights to the first 28 miles of the Arkansas Riverbed. Mike Synar helped push the Arkansas Riverbed Claims settlement through.

In a later election of
Mike Synar, Synar lost an election to an much older man that hardly spent any money or campaigned at all to win the race against Synar's vast financial campaign resources. A severe blow to democrat Mike Synar was when he lost by a massive margin.

Nathan Bomer said:

You heard it here first- the voters chose to vote no on the tax.

Maybe now we can regroup and have a better campaign in a few years- the river will still be here.

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