Celine sticker shock at the BOk Center

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Tickets range from $49.50 to $167 for Celine Dion, the first big name act to be booked for the new BOk Center.

Don't be shocked. Bubbaworld told you so:

Honestly folks, when you voted for the Vision 2025 proposal to, among other things, construct Tulsa's new playground for the rich and faux-rich did you actually believe that you would be able to afford to attend the "big name events" that would be held there?

You mean you did not learn anything from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, a venue for events often beyond the financial means of the vast majority of taxpayers whose dollars built it also?

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jasonk Author Profile Page said:

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble here, but when my favorite act came to town earlier this year, I just couldn't fork out the $87.50 for each ticket. Yeah, Lyle Lovett is worth the price, but he was headlining with k.d. lang, and I just couldn't do it.
It was not at a new arena, or the PAC. It was at the Brady Theater. The Old Lady on Brady has been around for a hundred years, and still tickets to shows are expensive.
That's the reality. It has little to do with the BOK Center.
I was in Vegas earlier this year, and tickets to Celine Dion's show were about $200 each. I didn't go, but people have told me it was worth the price (I cannot imagine). If the Tulsa show is anything like that, $47 is a bargain.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Jason, the difference being is that the Brady wasnt built with public funds. When an act comes to the BoK Center you, me and everyone else that pays sales tax in this county is paying for it, wether they go to the show or not.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I think the point here, is that Tulsa in general will have a difficult time supporting these events because there aren't enough people who can afford $100.00 (two tickets, low end) to attend. If you add dinner, it becomes even more difficult. I hope its a success. I have my reservations. Celine Dion will sell out, even if the Mayor has to buy all the tickets and give them away.

webworm Author Profile Page said:

These earlier comments are based on the assumption that our new BOK White Elephant will actually open and be used by the Powers That Be In Tulsa. It is possible that this will never happen. My advice is to wait to buy your tickets until the lights are on and the doors are open.

Don Author Profile Page said:

We got two tickets at $75 each to see Celine but, most importantly, those two tickets are for the wife and her mother which means I don’t have to sit though Ms. Dion’s very talented, but not my cup of tea, crooning…and that is worth any price.

The argument about Tulsans specifically, and Oklahomans generally, not being willing to pay the high ticket prices is precisely why neither Oklahoma City nor Tulsa will ever in the foreseeable future have a big league basketball or hockey franchise.

W. said:

Whoever claims "sticker shock" hasn't been to a concert in years, apparently.

The average price of a concert ticket in the first half of 2006 was $58.11, according to Pollstar. You'd have to be crazy to think a megastar like Celine Dion would command just average prices.

Concert tickets have gotten crazy expensive EVERYWHERE. Even at Cain's Ballroom, you'll be hard-pressed to find shows that are less than $20 a pop for nationally touring acts.

Paul Tay said:

Well, people, would you rather sit through the 15th Annual Wife Haulin' and Pig Callin' World Championships for one low price of $5 general admission?

CGHill Author Profile Page said:

On the viability of NBA basketball in Oklahoma City, here are the per-game attendance averages for the New Orleans Hornets:

2004-05 (last year before Katrina): 14,221 (30th out of 30)

2005-06 (Oklahoma City): 18,168 (11th)

2006-07 (Oklahoma City): 17,830 (15th)

2007-08 (back to New Orleans, so far): 12,069 (30th)

Seth said:

To claim sticker shock at $47 a ticket, you haven't been to too many shows in the last several years. Prices have gone up just like gas prices have. My ticket to the Oklahoma Centennial spectacular at the Ford Center in OKC was $147 and that was not one on the floor front row center either, I was midway up on the left hand side. The $47 tickets where up in nose bleed land. Welcome to the real world.

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