Could someone lend Frank a different last name?

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I'm sure the former Oklahoma governor meant well:

Former Governor Frank Keating is the co-chairman of "Catholics for McCain," formed to support Arizona Senator John McCain's Republican presidential bid.

but I wonder if it really helps the Arizona senator to have someone with that surname leading a group connected with his campaign.

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webworm Author Profile Page said:

Very interesting rehash of the S & L debacle. Most of this occurred during the Clinton years. And we already know about lots of that sort of thing. It will be interesting to see what comes up if Hillary is nominated. The Keating Five story is small potatoes to the stuff (see Tyson) in Hillary's history. And, for the record, I think that there is no familial relationship between our one time Tulsan, now a DC bottom feeder, and the Keatings out West. And, so far, none of this type of dirt sticking to Thompson.

RecycleMichael said:

The S & L debacle occured during the Clinton Years?

What a Pile of Poo.

The Savings and Loan Scandal occured almost completely during the Reagan presidency. President Carter deserves some of the blame for starting the deregulation process and first president Bush finished it off by the largest bailout in our nation's history.

I know you guys hate Hillary and want to blame her husband for everything, but please get your facts correct.

webworm Author Profile Page said:

You are correct: Hillary continues to be very unpopular with a lot of people, including most Democrats. As a Conservative, I feel she is of no consequence, and view her with amusement. She is very adroit at cooperating in re-writing history, as with much of the S&L non-scandal. And Bill? Well, we know all about him........

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