Big Daddy's All American BBQ

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I just learned that one of my favorite barbecue places has a sparkling new website. Big Daddy's All American BBQ has locations at 46th St N. & Lewis, 11th & Garnett, Main Street in Jenks, and Houston & Aspen in Broken Arrow. (Earlier this month, the 11th & Garnett location moved across Garnett to the old Dairy Queen / Lot-A-Burger location next to Mazzio's.)

The food is not only delicious, it's a great value. My favorite, the pulled pork sandwich special, is $4.95 all day. (There aren't too many barbecue places in Tulsa that serve pulled pork.) It's a big pile of pulled pork between two pieces of white bread, with a generous serving of the side order of your choice and a fountain drink. You'll need a fork: There's so much meat that the bread will either fall apart or the meat will spill out. It is tender, moist, and nicely flavored.

Big Daddy's has ribs, too, and the standard range of barbecue meats, plus cajun boudain sausage, turkey, and chicken. There are stuffed baked potatoes with your choice of meats. For dessert, they've always got sweet potato pie and a choice of other treats.

Go check out the website, then stop by and treat yourself to some delicious barbecue at Big Daddy's.

(I know this entry must read like amateurish ad copy, but I have not received any compensation or freebies for writing this review. I just really like Big Daddy's food, and I can't believe how much you get for what you pay.)

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Natasha said:

Sounds amazing!

David S. Author Profile Page said:

I went once before he moved the one to the old Lot-A-Burger. It was good and the value was more filling then Subway down from them.

Great guy , I got to meet him a few more times during the ice storm as he became a customer of mine for s few days....

Did you know Savoys is online also. You can now send those cinnamon rolls to friends. Hopefully they are still good as I haven't been there since the 90's ???

Max Door said:

Been there a few times, it is good for the money.
If you liked Big Daddy's, you should try Stutt's BBQ on Apache (Near Lewis I think). Like going back in time, the meat is cured out in their old fashioned smoker to the point of being like candy. Some days better than others. Like their chopped beef sandwich. Not quite as much meat as Big Daddy's, but I think I like it better, and very cheap.

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