Hannity lies about Thompson interview

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Earlier tonight, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes interviewed Sen. Fred Thompson on their Fox News program. Hannity kept coming back to horse-race type questions and to the baseless allegation that Thompson, in taking on Mike Huckabee during last Thursday's debate, was only acting as a stalking horse for John McCain.

Hannity asked three times, in one form or another, whether Thompson would now "go after McCain," who is leading in the South Carolina polls. Each time, Thompson replied that he already has been drawing distinctions between his positions and McCain's, had done so during Thursday's debate, and would continue to do so. He pointed out that Huckabee had been in the lead before Thursday and so that's where he focused his attention, but not exclusively. Thompson's response was clear, and it debunked the idea that he was somehow in cahoots with McCain.

Just a few minutes ago, at about 11:30 central, Hannity was interviewing Newt Gingrich, and Hannity said that he'd asked Thompson three times if he was going to go after McCain, but Thompson didn't answer the question.

I can't find video of either interview yet, but I'm sure they'll be posted, and I'll add links here when they are available. In the meantime, Hot Air has video of Thompson from Fox News (you know, Hannity's channel) and a transcript of his conversation with Glenn Beck, both from earlier today, making it clear where he thinks McCain is wrong on the issues.

If Hannity had been watching his own network, he wouldn't have badgered Thompson for no good reason or gone on to mischaracterize the interview.

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RecycleMichael said:

Hannity lying isn't news.

Yesterday I heard him say thay Mitt Romney had started with almost nothing and had made himself a rich man through his own hard work.

I guess being the Mitt being the son of the man who was Chairman of American Motors and later Governor of Michigan didn't count.

David S. Author Profile Page said:

Glenn Beck pulled a move himself last week on Huckabee , called the Huck-a-bomb or something like that. If Beck had paid attention to the airing dates he would have seen it was not the same time period but I think these host want to ignore the obvious because those that depend on them for the answers won't go look it up or watch for themselves anyway...

Anyone else think of Thompson as the Randi Miller candidate????

julie said:

You're just now figuring out what a dolt Hannity is?

David V Author Profile Page said:

It's frustrating when conservatives start attacking their own. As a Huckabee supporter I'm growing numb to the constant misrepresentations by talkshow hosts whom I've always trusted and valued.

Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment was to the effect:

Thou shalt not speak evil of thy fellow conservative.
So much damage is done to our common cause by unnecessary negativism.

Most of the talkshow hosts are officially "neutral", but they really aren't doing a good enough job of hiding their biases.
My discernment concludes that the following talkshow hosts are more or less supporting:

  • Glenn Beck: Mitt Romney
  • Rush Limbaugh: Fred Thompson
  • Sean Hannity: Mitt Romney (formerly Guiliani)
  • Liberal Media: John McCain

Remember how angry we Oklahoma Republicans were when we supported the Christian Coalition in '96; but just weeks after the general election the Christian Coalition worked hard to defeat Steve Largent's bid to become the House Majority Leader? As a result the Christian Coalition has never recovered in Oklahoma.

Neither will the conservative talkshows easily recover from this primary season.

No, I've known that for a while.

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

Sean Hannity (rhymes with insanity) impresses as a Tommy Smothers clone.

Sean Insanity (high piched whiney voice- "Reagan" always liked you best.
Alan Combes - "Lower your voice Sean"
Mr. Insanity in a deep baritone voice = "Reagan alwys liked you best."

Michelle Author Profile Page said:

Glenn Beck has said he is for Romney. I know Rush likes Thompson because he is conservative, and unapologetically so. And Rush is 100% right about Huckabee not being a conservative. He won't suffer at all from this primary season.

As for Hannity, I only listen to him for 1 hour a day because I can't stand Brian and the Judge. When Laura Ingraham comes on I change to KFAQ. I think Hannity is a fake (I HATE his fake laugh) and he swipes Debbie Schlussel's (debbischlussel.com) stuff all the time.

Twatch said:

It is disappointing to see conservative media acting as an extension of various campaigns; the same breach of faith that we have accused the Liberal media of. Conservative media is losing its way in the same manner Republicans have lost their way once they got into power. It starts out with the interest of the People and ends up with personal power and special interest agendas. CM take note.

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