McCain leads in Oklahoma, Huckabee 2nd

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Survey USA has a new tracking poll of 502 Oklahoma Republicans from Sunday which shows John McCain with 37%, Mike Huckabee with 28%, and Mitt Romney with 19%. That's an 11 point boost for Romney, a gain of 8 points for McCain, but a drop of only 3 points for Huckabee. Part of what we're seeing is the redistribution of Fred Thompson's 13% in the previous Survey USA poll from January 11-13. Giuliani's numbers also dropped from 11% to 6% -- I'd guess most of that went to McCain. The pollsters warn that Florida results today "can and will color what happens in Oklahoma and the other states voting on February 5. Expect further buffeting in future SurveyUSA tracking polls."

Keep an eye on the RealClearPolitics poll page for the Oklahoma Republican primary to see how the race develops.

Survey USA also polled Oklahoma Democrats -- Clinton leads with Edwards in second place. Clinton's margin has narrowed slightly in the last two weeks.

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RecycleMichael said:

McCain is the perfect candidate for a dying party. The republicans will lose this election, but with McCain they will lose with respect.

There will be a new national republican party rising from the ashes of the fire that was George Bush, but it won't include any of the people running for president now.

Michelle Author Profile Page said:

I guess people aren't using my voter guide. Check it out on It actually is only four words: Don't Vote for McCain! :)

I don't think there's a great choice in this situation. I am not super excited about anyone. That being said, I am supporting Romney since Thompson dropped out. So, that means he'll probably lose.

Brent Taylor Author Profile Page said:

Why do I have this sick feeling than a repeat of 1996 is foreboding? I remember another Republican Senator that the old machine shoved in as the nominee by the name of Robert Dole.

And like McCain, a war hero, a good man, and a Republican in name only.

Like every election, I'll hold my nose and fill in the blank for the Republican. But I sure wish after 20+ years, there was a candidate I could actually really root for that didn't have the name Reagan. Actually G.W. came as close as any - and only because of who he was running against.

Bob said:

Peggy Noonan, Ronald Reagan's former speechwriter, had an insightful editorial last Friday in the Wall Street Journal.

In it, she concluded by saying, surprisingly, that George W. Bush had destroyed the Republican Party.

Due to his runaway government spending, growth in government, the War in Iraq, and immigration.

I was SHOCKED to see a True-Believer GOP'er say what she said. But, it was the Truth.

If the GOP picks another 70+ year old RINO as their presidential candidate, the Democratic nominee will kick their behind.

S. Lee Author Profile Page said:

"If the GOP picks another 70+ year old RINO as their presidential candidate, the Democratic nominee will kick their behind."

Somebody might try explaining that to Huckabee supporters. Perhaps suggest their blind support of somebody who is not going to get the nomination increases the chance that McCain will get it.

David V Author Profile Page said:

Its now official!
the Oklahoma Republican Party sent out this notice:


OKLAHOMA CITY - Former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, will be campaigning in Oklahoma City and Tulsa this Friday. Managing general partner of the Oklahoma RedHawks and former state senator, Scott Pruitt, who Chairs Oklahomans for Huckabee said there will be two public rallies for Oklahomans to get a chance to meet Gov. Huckabee.

I can unequivocally say that Gov. Huckabee is the only candidate running for president who has a unwavering track record on sanctity of life issues, traditional values and conservative tax and fiscal policy. I encourage all Oklahomans to attend one of these two events, meet Mike Huckabee and hear what he has to say first-hand,? said Pruitt.

Former Oklahoma City mayor Kirk Humphreys, who is Huckabee?s state finance chairman said, ?As governor, Huckabee cut taxes where he could and made good use of the revenues he had to improve roads and education in Arkansas. That is the kind of common sense leadership the country needs right now.?

Huckabee?s Friday, Feb. 1 schedule is as follows:
· 8:45 am to 9:45 am ? Public rally at Coaches Restaurant, Bricktown

· 9:45 am to 10:15 am ? Media availability, 2nd Floor West Lobby to Suites ? AT&T Bricktown Ballpark
· 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm ? Tulsa rally ? Tulsa International Airport
· 1:15 pm to 1:45 pm ? Media Availability ? Tulsa International Airport

(Plan to arrive at the airport at least 1/2 hour before the event)

Huckabee supporters will also have an opportunity to gather Huckabee campaign materials and literature for distribution prior to Tuesday?s primary election.

I wish tulsa had more candidate visits. Buchanan cme just before super Tuesday, back in '92 & '96. I helped arrange those 2 events. It was a great experience.

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