McMahan, wife indicted

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The Oklahoman is reporting that State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan and his wife Lori McMahan have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges which include racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud.

The nine-count indictment alleges Jeff and Lori McMahan received jewelry, trips and excessive contributions to Jeff McMahan's first campaign in 2002.

In return, the auditor granted special favors to former abstract company owner Steve Phipps, according to the indictment.

McMahan's office regulated the abstract industry until Jan. 1. The Legislature last year created a separate agency for that purpose amid reports of McMahan's ties to Phipps.

It's interesting: The Oklahoman story notes that McMahan is the second statewide official to be indicted on corruption charges in recent years -- Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher was indicted in 2004 and is now doing time. I find it strange that the Oklahoman doesn't also mention that both of these officials are Democrats.

UPDATE: The Tulsa Whirled didn't name that party either.

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Maybe it just goes without saying...

See-Dubya said:

Send this off to Don Surber. He's got an ongoing "Name That Party" series about the media's failure to identify the party affiliations of arrested Democratic politicians.

See-Dubya said:

Whoa--just saw your link to the Tulsa paper writeup. There's a Gene Stipe link to all this? Knock me over with a straw!

Paul Tay said:

Noooooo waaaaaaay. :-O Ya think I should give them back the $10,000 carbon fiber OCL Lance Armstrong Signature Trek racing bike? Naaaaaaah. Forget it.

Brett said:

I got an email alert from the Oklahoman about this breaking story. I was a little sad to hear it. I am a conservative republican, and always had respect for McMahan. I personally know of two people who worked for him and they speak very highly of him.
The Daily Oklahoman is probably the most conservative newspaper in the country, so I don't think there is an agenda to keep the fact that he and Fisher are Democarats a secret. If our state representatives who are republicans start to make that an issue, I guarantee that the Daily Oklahoman would report it.

David S. Author Profile Page said:

I'm sure glad corruption would never happen here in Tulsa, would it?

s said:

It would be interesting to see how the Democrat State Senators and Democrat State Legislture personal spending comes out of their "campaign account" -- some high a huge war chest with big donors giving and if someone looked at the personal spending such as one was representative a while back was using his campaign money to pay for a house in Oklahoma City that was his personal asset had nothing to do with campaigning and he had a place in Tulsa too.

There is another interesting website where Hopper Smith works that shows that loads of money that is questionable wasteful spending from our state lawmakers.

s said:

Isn't the Stipe name in the Capitol rotunda and if it is, don't you think since he has been convicted the Stipe name should be removed and allowed another deserving name to be replaced.

I think there was a time that Stipe's name appeared in the State Capitol rotunda and he still had not even paid for it at that time of the opening at the capitol. Stipe ties to Phipps
and all of his money deceitful things when he served at the state capitol makes you wonder
how those in the state senate could be so blind
and unaccountable of how Gene Stipe many of the years he served.

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