Tulsa County Republican caucus straw poll

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At Tuesday's Republican caucuses in Tulsa County, a straw poll was taken. Here are the results:

Governor Mike Huckabee 28%
Governor Mitt Romney 27%
Congressman Ron Paul 25%
Senator John McCain 13%
Mayor Rudy Guiliani 4%
Congressman Tom Tancredo 1%
Congresman Duncan Hunter 1%
Alan Keyes .5%
Senator Fred Thompson .5%

You might notice that Congressman Paul had a strong showing of supporters at caucuses across the county -- more about that later.

The caucuses also selected delegates to the Tulsa County Convention on Feb. 23 and considered resolutions for the party platform. Note that the allocation of Oklahoma's delegates to the National Convention to presidential candidates is entirely dependent on the results of next Tuesday's primary.

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mad okie Author Profile Page said:

After seeing McCain's performance last night, I expect to see him fall. He came across as a mean, bitter, little, old man.

David V Author Profile Page said:

It will be interesting to compare these poll results with the primary results next Tuesday.

Huckabee will be in Tulsa tomorrow(at the airport). I expect he'll bolster his numbers with the 2 stops he's making this week.

I kinda enjoyed the Paul people. They pushed a platform plank to legalize drug use.

It failed.

They went home.

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