Huckabee wins West Virginia

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On the second ballot at the Republican state convention, Mike Huckabee was awarded the 18 West Virginia national convention delegates at stake today.

Here's the first ballot result:

Mitt Romney had 464 votes (41%)
Mike Huckabee had 375 votes (33%)
John McCain had 176 votes (16%)
Ron Paul had 118 votes (10%)

Convention rules allowed only the top three vote getters to move forward, so Paul was eliminated. The second ballot result:

Mitt Romney has 521 votes
Mike Huckabee has 567 votes
John McCain has 12 votes

It's surprising that McCain's supporters defected to other candidates, rather than sticking with their man through a second round. Had no one received a majority on the second ballot, the top two would have gone on to a third round.

So the first item in my rosy scenario has come true. The next waypoint is Georgia, where polls close at 6 p.m. Central, and where the latest poll has Huckabee and McCain tied at 32% each, with Romney close behind at 29%.

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Joey Author Profile Page said:

Would it be too simplistic to think that most of the McCain voters, realizing they could not win, moved their votes to Huckabee to prevent a Romney win (tactically, as you would say).

David V Author Profile Page said:

Of course you have to figure in the 118 Ron Paul votes.
They went with a fellow "Fair-Taxer"; Mike Huckabee.
That's my guess.

If I'm right on that; then the McCain votes would have been split fairly evenly between Huckabee and Romney.

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