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This week in Urban Tulsa Weekly, I review Councilor Bill Martinson's proposal for funding $1.6 billion in street repair, rehabilitation, and reconstruction, and show how it dovetails with former Streets Commissioner Jim Hewgley's proposal for funding an aggressive street repaving program.

Also, UTW has several new, young columnists: Arts writer Nathaniel McKnight made his debut last week. Josh Kline joins G. K. Hizer on the music beat. And Isaac Farley, from Chattanooga by way of Belize, is new to Tulsa and is out to help us see our own city through a newcomer's eyes. Welcome aboard to all three.

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S. Lee Author Profile Page said:

While we continue to wait on the massive influx of hundreds millions of dollars of revenue from Shopping Spree 2025 (we WILL see those hundreds of millions of dollars come rolling in, right?), and while we wait on America to come flocking to Tulsa with millions of dollars in hand to admire our new (used) city office building (which, no doubt we'll be replacing in the near future because of whining about lack of energy efficiency), and while we wait for money-stoked baseball fans the world over to come see our downtown baseball park (why they haven't turned the existing one at the fairgrounds into a veritable gold mine is a mystery), I suppose the proposed plan to fix the streets is about as good a deal as we can expect to get. But, given the boundless greed of the powers that be to take advantage of the Elmer Fudd gullibility of Tulsa voters by convincing them (it apparently doesn't take much convincing) how fabulous things will be if they approve just one more project (sort of reminds one of Mr. Creosote and one more mint), I must say that approving more tax to pay for needed repairs because of the aforementioned greed-gullibility combo just flat sticks in one's craw (he says as he taps the mud from his spurs).

I suggest the bond issue be accompanied by a vote on the recall of a few elected folks. Now wouldn't that be grand!

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