RSU lockdown

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Tyson Wynn of WynnBlog has been delving into a mysterious lockdown that occurred at Rogers State University in Claremore last Tuesday, due to an unspecified threat. RSU didn't say anything publicly about the lockdown until Thursday.

WynnBlog learned that a student had been taken into custody for mental health evaluation, and the Claremore police cited health privacy laws in keeping the police report of the incident from the public. The identity of the individual was available, and some OSCN research revealed that three protective orders against Tywone Parks, an RSU alumnus, had been sought and granted.

Today, WynnBlog has the specifics provided on the protective order applications, including that Parks "stated that he knows where to hide bodies," "decapitated a dog and left the head on a doorstep and blood on a door," and " stated that he wanted to decapitate an individual, store her head in his freezer, and feed her to her sisters."

Tyson Wynn notes that the official story -- the individual was never on campus and the lockdown was merely a precaution -- doesn't square with what is asserted by those who applied for the protective orders.

Keep an eye on WynnBlog for further developments.

UPDATE (2008/02/26): Tywone Parks was taken to Rogers County Jail on Feb. 22.

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