The Whirled in flames

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An electrical fire early Sunday morning shut down production of the Tulsa World. 60,000 subscribers will get the full paper, but the rest will get only the classifieds, TV World, and ad inserts, all of which are printed and assembled earlier in the week. (Oddly enough, a lot of people buy the paper just to get those pieces.)

You can still read the whole paper -- the PDF version is online. Thankfully, that means you don't have to miss the irony of the front page headline "Downtown among safest areas" juxtaposed with "A man is killed after a disturbance at a downtown club." You also don't have to miss the latest above-the-fold story about Terry Simonson's moonlighting.

Best wishes to the World in getting back up and running, but this incident is bound to start some minds going: If they can deliver the paper to their customers, ads and all, without physically printing and delivering the paper, should they really bother fixing the printing presses?

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manasclerk Author Profile Page said:

I admit: I pretty much just get the Sunday paper for the adverts. Okay: I really only buy it for the comics section. If I were earning more, I'd have both papers delivered, just to get extra Sunday comic strips.

Sure, I occasionally read an article about the local scene, something I won't get online. For example, today they have covered our mayor's outline of the city's long term plan, and in depth look at the big political fight here, the South Shore Extension, without which most of the area will probably go the way of Cicero, Illinois.

But I buy the paper for the comics. I used to say "The Duplex" would do it by itself, but I have to admit that "Sally Forth" has shot to number one, since Ted is my dopelganger.

David S. Author Profile Page said:

The neighbor across the street got theirs but our driveway was empty , go figure.....

pop said:

Flaming liberal comes to mind...

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