Who's in the clink?

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Curious to know who the Tulsa County Sheriff has in custody? The Tulsa County Inmate Information Center lets you search the database of the currently incarcerated. That same page has links to the city and county sex offender lists. The last link on the page -- Inmate Population Report -- produces a PDF file with the complete list of inmates and why they're being held. It's very interesting reading, especially to see how many are being held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (search for "ICE Hold") and what crimes these alleged illegal aliens are alleged to have committed.

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Max Door said:

wow, taking a look at some of those guests mug shots (do a search under Smith or Young) of Tulsa County makes me really appreciate the work the police do to get those losers off the streets. Hard to feel very sorry for those hardened looking tough guys.

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