Why "Stop McCain"? (part 3 of a series)

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Bill Quick has the compiled the "List of Infamy" -- ten specific problems with John McCain's record, with links to backup material. Quick includes the McCain-Feingold bill against freedom of political speech, the McCain-Kennedy bill in support of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, McCain's attack on the veterans who served with John Kerry and exposed inconsistencies and misrepresentations in his account of his war record, his support for constitutional rights for enemy combatants, and his flirtations with leaving the Republican Party and handing control of the U. S. Senate over to left wing extremists.

If you're persuaded that Republicans should make the effort to deny John McCain the nomination, here's how to do it and how you can help.

MORE: Charlie Meadows of Oklahoma Conservative PAC, a Ron Paul supporter, had this say about strategic voting on Tuesday:

Let me say this. If you just can't bring yourself to vote for Ron Paul but you don't want to see John McCain win the delegates from Oklahoma, I would suggest you cast a strategic vote. Mike Huckabee started out with a large polling lead in Oklahoma. In recent weeks, McCain has closed the gap. For whatever reason, Romney just hasn't sparked much interest among Oklahomans.

Therefore, if stopping McCain is your highest priority, you should vote for Huckabee. The natural inclination to stop McCain would be to vote for Romney as the liberal media has succeeded in creating the perception, if not reality, that the race is coming down to two candidates, McCain (their pick) and Romney. However, Romney is too far behind in Oklahoma to overtake McCain, so a vote for Romney helps McCain as the two front runners in Oklahoma are he and Huckabee.

If you want to help Mike Huckabee in Oklahoma and other Southern states where he has the best chance to win and deny those delegates to John McCain, you can sign up as a "Huckabee Ranger" and make phone calls to voters in those key states. (I don't know if Mitt Romney has a similar program. I suspect he can afford paid phone calls to voters.)

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David V Author Profile Page said:

I admire your careful considerations over the past weeks.
There are far more of us who are disenchanted with McCain than any one alternative campaign can represent. Rather than try to push our own alternatives on fellow conservatives, as Gwen and Chris did last friday on the radio.

I like your approach and I began presenting this option to my good friends who prefer the Romney option.

Stopping the McCain momentum is first priority for all of us conservatives.

It was nice to see you cover the Huckabee event last Friday. Hopefully we'll get another chance to chat with Ed Rollins, someday.

webworm Author Profile Page said:

I could never vote for Paul. His followers spray paint public property. It's all over town. Can't he afford yard signs? And Huckabee? The last thing we need in the White House is another Baptist (W. J. Clinton was the last one). Nothing against the Baptists, mind you, but there is no room for another Slick Willy in there. My wife and I voted Friday (she left town) and we both voted Romney.

webworm Author Profile Page said:

Oh, just in case a Baptist comments here that Slick Willie is not of that persuasion, I submit this late column:


S. Lee Author Profile Page said:

It chaps me to no end to have to vote for Huckabee, but I have to admit your reasoning does make sense, and according to the polls here,
it sure looks like there isn't much hope of the non-McCain pubbies getting behind Romney. Actually, it looks very doubtful that Huckabee will come out on top.

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