Drew Edmondson tops in their book

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Oklahoma is internationally renowned! Here's a comment about the Eliot Spitzer scandal on Samizdata, a libertarian blog based in Britain (emphasis added):

Eliot Spitzer, one of the most nasty power crazed politicos in US politics today, perhaps second only to Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson in authoritarian thuggishness, has just shown that he who lives by the judicial sword, can oh so easily die by the judicial sword.

We're number one! We're number one!

The authoritarian thuggishness to which the writer refers? The threat of imprisonment hanging over the Oklahoma Three: Paul Jacob, Rick Carpenter, and Susan Johnson. From an earlier Samizdata entry by Dale Amon in Belfast:

I was rather surprised to discover that Oklahoma, of all places, is using State power not to just silence critics, but to send them to prison for up to ten years!

I simply never expected this sort of political repression to take hold in America. The Oklahoma government should simply be ashamed of the way they are sullying the American ideal.


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Bob said:

It was not the act of petitioning that got the three charged by Edmonson.

It was WHAT they were circulating:

The TABOR petition.

They were trying to control the growth in state government spending.

Such a restriction conflicts with the entitled scion of hereditary tax-and-spend Democrats like the Henry and Edmonson families.

A.G. Edmonson's extra-constitutional actions even brought more recent BAD publicity to our backward state, in the form of a scathing lead editorial the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, he won't back off from this wrongful persecution.

Maybe we can get a three-legged yellow dog to run against him next election.

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