Go east, young family

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A recent California appellate court ruling has Golden State homeschooling families nervous. Brandon Dutcher and J. Scott Moody of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs urge them to load up the jalopy and migrate east on the Mother Road to the most homeschooling friendly state in the nation:

Indeed, HSLDA notes, "Oklahoma is the only state with a constitutional provision guaranteeing the right to home school." The state constitution directs the legislature to provide for attendance at some public or other school--"unless other means of education are provided."

As one delegate to the Oklahoma constitutional convention argued in 1907, "People ought to be allowed to use their own discretion as to how to educate their children."

Not only do we have freedom to homeschool, Oklahoma's lower cost of living and lower taxes make our state an even sweeter option for homeschooling families.

Something that Dutcher and Moody don't mention is that Oklahoma also has wonderful support networks for homeschooling. There are bookstores that buy and sell used curriculum, co-ops that provide mutual support on advanced topics, and plenty of informal support from other homeschooling families who can provide advice and encouragement.

(I wonder if the State, Oklahoma City, or Tulsa Chambers of Commerce have ever thought of using our homeschooling options in marketing the state to potential residents. Targeted to the right audience, homeschooling could attract new residents here.)

(Plain-text version found at the McCarville Report.)

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Dan Paden said:

There are bookstores that buy and sell used curriculum...

Well, let's go ahead and mention the premier example: Bibliomania in the old shopping center at the the Northeast corner of 21st and 129th.

I'm sure Mrs. S won't mind.

David V Author Profile Page said:

Especially in the Tulsa area!
The N.O.A.H. Jaguars Provides interscholastic sports opportunities for homeschool athletes and fields teams in 9 varsity sports. This year alone some Tulsa homeschoolers have signed division 1 college athletic scholarships as a result of playing for N.O.A.H.

Tulsa has fantastic community arts programs to enhance homeschool opportunities.

There are even partnerships with Tulsa Public Schools whereby Students can learn online, at home; in a program funded by Tulsa Public Schools. OklahomaVirtualHighSchool.com is a Public School compromise that seems to be benefitting many students.

Tulsa is perhaps the best place in America to homeschool your kids.

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