Animal shelter needs helpers

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This notice is a bit late, but there may still be time to sign up. The Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter needs volunteers, and there will be two new volunteer information and orientation sessions this coming Wednesday, April 30.

The first session begins at 10 a.m., the second at 6 p.m. Each session is expected to last about 90 minutes, and refreshments will be served. The sessions will be held at the city's Hartford Bldg. at 111 S. Greenwood Ave., on the 2nd floor in Conference Room A-C.

From the shelter's website, here are the ways volunteers can help:

  • Socializing/playing with the dogs, cats and rabbits;
  • Walking the dogs outside;
  • Giving dogs toys and kongs filled with food;
  • Grooming the animals;
  • Cleaning their cages quickly and filling their water bowls regularly;
  • Knowing the animals well and helping them to find an adopter that will meet their specific needs;
  • Informing the veterinary staff of any subtle changes in personality or health of the animals; and assisting the veterinary staff with procedures, such as giving medications;
  • Looking for their owners and in some cases reuniting them.

To sign up for a session or to indicate interest in a future session, contact Millicent Adu-H'Torah, Volunteer Coordinator, at 918-669-6283, or by e-mail at

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