Proud of an Okie from Muskogee

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From far-off Hoboken, N.J., Mister Snitch! celebrates the landslide election victory of 19-year-old John Tyler Hammons as Mayor of Muskogee with the lyrics from the famous Merle Haggard song, linked to a wide variety of photos -- sweet, nostalgic, and funny, and almost all connected in some way with Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.

Some of the photos are from the annual Renaissance Festival at The Castle on the north edge of Muskogee. Here are photos from our family's visit to this year's Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.

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Paul Tay said:

Good grief. If some kid can put podunk Muskogee on the map, imagine if Santa wins in Tulsa.

Grocho Marx: 90% of winning is showing UP.

A. Nonymous said:

You should hear the parody song "Mayor of Muskogee" on the KVOO Morning Show MySpace page at

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