TCC bond fails; OU freshman elected Muskogee mayor

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Congratulations to Tulsa County voters: KTUL is reporting that the TCC bond issue failed 45-55 and the TCC permanent property tax increase failed 43-57.

And congratulations to John Tyler Hammons. The 19-year-old OU freshman poli-sci major won a runoff tonight to become Mayor of Muskogee, defeating the incumbent a former mayor in a landslide. (Hammons said he would transfer from OU to nearby NSU if elected.) Hammons will also be a delegate to the Republican National Convention; he was on the slate approved at the May 3 state convention.

A reaction from "Kiah" to the TCC tax defeat at TulsaNow's public forum:

Can we now officially retire the Chamber/World's cynical approach to local governance (i.e. hide the ball; the fewer voters the better, and the less they know, the better -- in short, don't worry your pretty little head about it, let the grown-ups handle the details . . . .)

UPDATE: Thanks to Jamison Faught for the correct description of Hammons's opponent -- the incumbent, Wren Stratton, didn't seek another term; Hammons defeated a three-term former mayor, Herschel McBride. The final vote total was Hammons 3,703, McBride 1,616.

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Bob said:

Looks like the Vote Yes PAC forgot to vacumn the Alzheimer and stroke patient votes from Tulsa County area nursing homes, as well as the Tulsa County Jail prisoner absentee votes (Votes for Smokes Vote-Buying program).

Expect they'll remember next time.

meeciteewurkor said:

You know, it is very gratifying to actually vote no on something for once, and actually have it not pass.

Good job, Tulsa!

Brent Taylor Author Profile Page said:

TCC is a wonderful community college. As someone who has recently benefitted from TCC, I still cast the big NO vote today and here is why for all of our feckless city leaders:

(1) My property taxes went up the standard maximum 5% again for the umpthteen time in a row this year. Driving by with your camcorder at 30mph doesn't give me a great degree of confidence in your ability to fairly evaluate my property. But it does tell me a great deal about the corruption in the system. I would have more respect for you crooks if you simply sent me a thank you note with explanation that no matter the economic situation, the value, or your mood that day, my property taxes will be increased 5% accordingly.

(2) I am tired of subsidizing every sad story's education. I paid for it without a paycheck. Everyone else can too. It's bad enough when I subsidize substandard high schools and nobody has the guts to change a failing system. You want a college education? Lump it like everyone else. Sallie Mae will be glad to accommodate.

(3) Our now yearly 10% increase in tuition rates at state colleges with nebulous excuses why it is necessary for tuition to increase 2-3 times the standard cost of living. Exactly where is the money going Messrs. Boren, Hargis, and Henry? It darn sure isn't the lab facilities. However, the offices and indoor practice facility is beautiful!

(4) The Tulsa World editorial staff - CHEERS! And a hearty special recognition to Mr. Wayne Greene who doesn't believe a teacher's performance should be evaluated, no matter how excellent or rotten. Here's a suggestion Wayne. Ask the parents. Oh, and thanks for the free Thursday paper Mr. Lorton! Got to keep those circulation numbers bumped!

Jamison Faught said:

Correction: John Tyler Hammons did NOT defeat the incumbent. Current mayor Wren Stratton did not seek another term; Hammons' opponent was former 3-term mayor Herschel McBride.

Glad to see that Oklahoma's 19 year-old college students are running for office, while that other state's were running frat-house drug syndicates.

Pamela said:

I remember when the law changed to require I think 60% of voters to approve tax increases. I was really excited. I think of that every time a tax comes up for a vote. I was so glad to hear this morning that the vote failed. I just wonder if voters will ever trust the county when they say a tax is needed when they lied saying that we had not voted for the river tax. I know I will never truly trust them again. I will make sure that I will try and get as much information I can before I ever vote for a tax increase again. I'm glad for blogs like this and other alternative media where we can get another side of the story.

I will also watch the new mayor of Muskogee. He sounds like a really serious young person.

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