The big 5-0

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Oklahoma-based but internationally-renowned blogger Lynn Sislo hits the half-century mark today, and she's rather pleased about it, because it gives her an appreciation for technological advances that the younger set merely takes for granted:

You have to be my age (or nearly so) to understand how seriously cool and awesome all this stuff is. I don't want to be old but I'm glad I'm old enough to get it. And I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next.

Even as young as I am I claim the right to be a curmudgeon and to talk about how we did things back in the day and to say we were right, because we were. I know; I was there. I claim the right to be a know-it-all and to give unsolicited advice because I do know more than most folks. One of the benefits of being 50, you see.

Go wish Lynn a happy birthday.

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Pamela said:

I will be 50 in December 2009. I am excited about it. I also appreciate the technological advances. My training is IT. I absolutely LOVE my AT&T Tilt (pocket PC).

I need to start planning for my 50th. When I was 38-years-young I started planning to take as many foreign missions trip that I could get off work for. I ended up taking two trips in 2000, right after my 40th birthday. They changed my life and priorities like I did not expect. My 50th will be a blowout of some kind.

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