Where are the budding Paul-iticians?

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We're now five hours away from the close of Oklahoma's filing period for the 2008 elections, and I'm still seeing way too many seats with unchallenged Democrats; for example, 2nd District Congressman Dan Boren, and Tulsa-area State Reps. Jeannie McDaniel (HD 78) and Eric Proctor (HD 77).

A couple of months ago, as youthful and not-so-youthful Ron Paul supporters were seeking to become delegates to the Republican National Convention, they asserted that they were engaged with the Republican Party for the long haul, and some expressed interest in seeking state and local office. I heard rumors that one young Ron Paul supporter planned to challenge Lucky Lamons in HD 66, but I haven't seen his name on the list of candidates yet.

So far, I've only noticed two RP backers who have filed for office, and both of them have been engaged in the political process for many years. Dr. Mike Ritze, a Broken Arrow physician whose "US out of UN! UN out of US!" sign graced 101st Street for many years, is running for HD 80, a seat being vacated by Ron Peterson. Ritze was chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party from (if memory serves) 1991 to 1993. And Sally Bell is challenging Randi Miller in the primary for the Tulsa County Commission District 2 seat.

So where are all the young activists who were energized by Ron Paul's presidential run? Challenging a Democratic incumbent would give them a platform to air their issues and an opportunity to build valuable campaign experience, name recognition for future campaigns, and credibility with Republican old-timers. And there's always the possibility that, catching a secure incumbent off-guard, they might win.

Rather than composing a 1000-word comment complaining about this blog entry, why not spend the hour and a half to drive to the State Capitol to throw your hat in the ring?

UPDATE: Gary Casey, 32, has filed to challenge Democratic State Sen. Tom Adelson (SD 33). Casey sought to be a delegate at the 1st District Republican Convention and through the State Executive Committee. Of the Ron Paul supporters seeking to be a delegate, he was one of the most well-received by the non-Ron Paul supporters. I'm happy to see Gary taking up this tough challenge.

UPDATE 2: No RP connection, as far as I know, but Jay Matlock, who sought the Republican nomination for Tulsa City Council District 4, has filed to run against Democratic State Rep. Jeannie McDaniel (HD 78). This would be a better fit for Matlock; his motivating issue was education, and he can do more about that in the State House than he could have in the City Council.

UPDATE 3: Nathan Dahm, 25, a Ron Paul supporter who has commented here on occasion (and at length), has filed for the open HD 75 seat. And Les White, 34, a leading Paul organizer in Oklahoma, has filed for the HD 45 seat in Norman. And "Orat" has posted a 170-word complaint about this blog entry.

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We're now five hours away from the close of Oklahoma's filing period for the 2008 elections, and I'm still seeing way too many seats with unchallenged Democrats; for example, 2nd District Congressman Dan Boren, and Tulsa-area State Reps. Jeannie McDani... Read More


WarWagon said:

The 'Ronulans' only have eyes for their anointed one. They can't be bothered with actually doing something constructive to further their views. Feet stamping and breath holding are their tactics.

Orat said:

What a silly blog entry. The unchallenged 'D' seats cannot be laid at the feet of Ron Paul supporters any more than it can be laid at the feet of the GOP Establishment. But the real silly thing is that you're claiming that not many RP supporters are running for offices. That is false. How would you know if Paulers were or were not running for office? It's not like they put "Ron Paul" next to their name on the filing form. In point of fact, we've worked hard at candidate recruiting and we have many who are running for state-wide offices, but you wouldn't know who they are, and how could you? And I'm not inclined to tell you either given the vicious treatment we've received from people like yourself. From here on out, they are just fellow Republicans - no more labelling people by what candidate they supported in the primary. That's divisive and it won't get us anywhere. And neither will your ill-informed and snarky blog posts.

Harry Rockefeller Author Profile Page said:

Mike, I do believe you need to take a good look at *how* you write the facts. Your comment about Dr. Mike Ritze's UN sign appears to be a dig. Your use of "graced" implies sarcasm. From what you wrote, if a republican had not attended their precinct meeting in the area and the Tulsa County Convention this year they would tend to believe Mike's UN view is way out in right field, instead of knowing it has been a local republican plank for decades. You ought to applaud Mike for standing firm for this time-tested local republican plank.

say it out loud said:

Anyone heard what Ron Peterson will be doing for a job now?

Michael, see SAY IT OUT LOUD on the Bixby Bulletin Neighbor-Newspapers.com website.

There are three so far if you can link.

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