Fiddler fandango

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I am very proud to announce that my son finished second Saturday in the 18-and-under division at the Old Timers Fiddle Contest at the 2008 Texas Cowboy Reunion in Stamford, Texas. His prize was a $50 bill, presented to him by the event's MC, former Congressman Charlie Stenholm. He performed Cotton-Eyed Joe, Tennessee Waltz, and Faded Love. I heard a number of people in the audience humming along on that last number. He has only been playing violin for two years, and he's made great strides since last year's contest, when he placed third.

As I told him before his performance, however the contest turned out, we already know he's a much better fiddler than he was a year ago. I hope to post video later in the week. (Internet connectivity here is rather limited.) One of the senior contestants, Bonnie Workman, complimented him afterwards and encouraged him to keep going, even though he didn't win. She told him it takes heart to be a fiddler, and she could hear it in his music.

He had the novel experience of being recognized today. He was wearing a distinctive hat, which made a difference, but a couple of people stopped him when we went back for the cowboy poetry performance that afternoon -- a young man told him he was in awe of his fiddling ability. He was recognized again at a dance at Old Glory that evening. We just happened upon the event - a Czech polka band playing under an open-air pavilion to a crowd of about 50.

Abilene TV station KRBC was covering the fiddle contest and interviewed my son. Click that link to see the video.

There may not be a better place to experience old time Texas than Stamford, Texas, at the annual Texas Cowboy Reunion.

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

That's cool!

Todd Sager said:

This is Todd Sager formerly of Christ Presbyterian on 51st between Harvard and Lewis. We also worked together at FSI-SSD. I just wanted to say I've been following your blog for about a year and I really enjoy your writing. I just wanted to congratulate Joseph on his excellent result from 2 years of fiddle practice!
I'm living in Queens, NY now.

Christian said:

Congrats on your son's win. Hope he continues to do well. Personally i think fiddles are too fast to keep up with the beat! I live in
Tulsa too and have met Joseph also. When is he going to play in Tulsa?

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