Just keep rolling 'til you're gone

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Irritated Tulsan weighs in on the Big Splash rotting timbers & held checks scandal and Expo Square CEO Rick Bjorklund's firing by the Fair Board.

I'm not defending Bjorklund, but I do believe he is a political scapegoat. Instead of creating controversy, it appears Miller wants to create the impression she fights it.

Bjorklund's termination places Miller further from the Bell's and Big Splash controversies.


She would probably say "no," but the rest of Tulsans born with heads would disagree.

This years Tulsa State Fair theme is "We're on a Roll."

Bjorklund is out.

Miller is on her way out.


[Big Splash owner and Miller campaign donor Loretta] Murphy hopes "no," but the rest of Tulsans ... you know the rest.

Maybe this year's Tulsa State Fair theme should be, "Heads Will Roll." The rolling starts July 29th when Republicans will deny renomination to Miller and choose Sally Bell as their standard bearer for County Commission District 2. Who better to zealously root out cozy, insider deals at Expo Square and the County Courthouse than someone who knows how county government works and who has suffered greatly as a result of county insider deals?


Sally Bell was on the radio Wednesday morning with KFAQ's Pat Campbell. Hit that link to listen to the podcast of their conversation.

Sally Bell's son, Robby, was on the Chris Medlock show Wednesday afternoon for the full two hours. Robby talked about the situation at Expo Square, the future of Bell's Amusement Park, and a bit about his mother's campaign for County Commission. The show was packed with callers expressing their best wishes for the park and the family. Click these links to listen to the podcasts of hour 1 and hour 2.

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jiml said:

It looks like the Give Them Enough Rope and They'll Hang Themselves Plan is working.

JW said:

I think it would be a wise thing to do to create a summary list of anti republican things Randi has done over the years and post it hear just so no one tries to re write history.

Pamela said:

I was glad to find out that she was running. I was hoping that someone would challenge Randi Miller. I rarely contribute to political campaigns but I will help her out. She would have had a contribution yesterday after her interview if she had a PayPal link on her webpage:)

Zappa said:

It looks as though the folks that shovel out the barns are going to need a couple dozen front end loaders. They will need it to get rid of that mess left behind on the corner of 21st and Yale. You can thank the fine outstanding folks like Randi Miller and the former big daddy Bobby Dick. The nasty mess these folks left behind will go to the tax payers for clean up. Typical corrupt Tulsa County Fair Board. They place their buddies in high paying positions as always and this is what you get. Look who the CEO is now. Another "Good Ole Boy" Give him some time and it will just repeat itself. Kinda reminds me of how the city is run.

Titan Mk6B said:

Unfortunately whoever is the candidate will have to face Karen keith in the general election. It is time to vote Randi out though.

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