Randi "No-show" Miller fails to file campaign finance report

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Earlier today I spoke to Merlyn Rios at the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Merlyn is the person who answers the phone when you "press 1" to request information about a campaign filing.

County elections are governed differently than state and municipal elections. Like municipal elections, they come under the Public Subdivisions Ethics Act. Like state elections and unlike municipal elections, county candidates file their C-1 (contributions and expenditures) reports with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Unlike state elections, county elections aren't covered under electronic filing requirements, so you've got to call or drop by the Ethics Commission office at the State Capitol to pick up a copy of a county filing.

So I called the Ethics Commission and spoke to Merlyn. I asked her about the required pre-primary C-1 filings for Tulsa County Commissioner, District 2. Pre-primary filings were due yesterday.

(The law -- 51 O. S. 315 (A)(5) -- actually says the filing is due 10 days before an election, but because that always falls on a Saturday, the paperwork is considered on time if it's submitted by close of business on the next business day, which -- barring a holiday -- is the Monday eight days before election day.)

I asked specifically about filings for Sally Bell and Randi Miller, the candidates in the Republican primary. After putting me on hold to check, Merlyn told me that the Ethics Commission had received Sally Bell's report but had not received the required report for Randi Miller's campaign.

I asked her a second time specifically if Randi Miller's C-1 had been submitted to the Ethics Commission. Merlyn confirmed that it had not.

For the record, here is Sally Bell's pre-primary C-1 filing. If someone wants to mail me a copy of Randi Miller's report, I'll post it here. (UPDATE 7/23/2008: Here's an analysis of Randi Miller's C-1 report, submitted a day late, with a link to a scan of the report.)

MORE: Rick Bjorklund is suing the fair board for wrongful dismissal, Miller for defamation.

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walnut said:

According to the statute that you posted above, a notice would have been sent to Randi Miller today by registered mail, and she will have 48 hours from receipt of that letter to answer with her report. If she fails to answer, not sure what the consequence will be. The statute section 309 becomes vague on that point. I would love to see this one-woman wrecking ball removed from public life once and for all.

Paul Tay said:

Also, where does Randi live now? There's no one in her house and it's up for sale.

When is the primary? Isn't it NEXT Tuesday? There are NO Miller signs in her stronghold near Page Belcher. What's going on?

That's interesting, Paul. Last I saw she was still registered at the same old address near Page Belcher Golf Course, the same one she used in her declaration of candidacy.

I have been surprised at the lack of any Miller signs whatsoever, given that she seems to have the budget for radio time and two four-color mailers. And I have yet to see any endorsements of her candidacy.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Speaking of signs, I finally saw some Miller signs this morning... Im not sure they really count though, 'cause they are at Randi's sisters house, the sister's rental house, and the neighbor who doesnt seem to know who she wants to vote for each election.

Stephen Cue said:

Hey MadOkie, I seen your little Sally Bell sign too, if you would like more of her signs in our neighboorhood, there are a few homes for sale.

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