Tulsa City Council streaming on the internet

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No, TGOV hasn't figured out how to do this, but David Schuttler has. If you're away from a Cox Cable equipped TV and want to watch tonight's City Council debate over the Papa Bear ($2 billion) and Mama Bear ($451 million) street plans, tune into his live video feed page.

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Pamela Author Profile Page said:

This is the second week that he has done the live feed. I don't have cable so it has been nice to watch this online. Last week someone asked about having webcasts on the council web site. One of them said that they were working on getting this done. I know I contacted them either last year or in 2006. At that point it has not been allocated by the city. I usually chat with him on Ustream during the broadcasts. He said that he would stop when it became available on the city council web site.

It will probably be a long time before I get cable again. There are some things I'm just not willing to pay for and I don't watch much TV anymore. Most of it is junk.

HWL said:

Councilview.com !

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