A call to vote

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From a grateful Dawn Summers:

I live in the greatest country in the world.

I was born to immigrants and was raised by a single mother earning less than twenty thousand dollars a year. Yet, I was able to graduate from one of the best private schools in New York, have college and doctoral level degrees from the best universities in the world, and own property in New York City....

My country doesn't force me to put on a uniform and take up arms in her defense. America does not ask me to pledge my loyalty, though I would do so happily and would volunteer to police the strict enforcement of such a pledge from my fellow Americans. With extreme prejudice
America does not limit the number of children I can have or force me to use my talents to win gold medals.

America does not even ask that I respect her leaders or learn her history - again, all of which I generally try to do.

Heck, America, does not even require that you be American to let you enjoy all of these things. That is how awesome America is.

So, you'd think that when a country as great as mine is, that asks as little as mine does, puts the question of who will run our nation and direct our great country's future before the people every two years that we, its citizens, would happily say "hey, no problem, America. It's the least I can do," and take our educated, fed, entertained, free bottoms down to our local polling places and pick a half dozen or so names on a ballot.

Read the whole thing.

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Charlie said:

yes we all do need to vote and we need to be educated on where the canidates stand so we are decieved by th evil liberal obama's lies. he can not give straight answer on anything and says different things depending on who he is talking to. he can't answer anything clearly because he trying to hide his true position so that he can decieve. The evil liberal's are ttrying to destroy our constitutional freedoms. there are many cases where liberal judges have ruled against freedom and even made a mockery of democracy in california where judges overturned the voters in there defense of marriage vote. the liberals are trying to destroy marraige as god has created it to be one man and woman. liberals are not only promoting the killing of unborn babies but using our tax money to fund it which dead wrong and needs to be stopped. obama even voted to kill babies if born in an attempted abortion. what a sick man.. all christians and conservatives and any one who believes in our constitution needs to get our and vote against obama and other radical liberals or else see our nation destroyed

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