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Catching up on links to my Urban Tulsa Weekly columns:

Last week I wrote about my experiences as a facilitator and a participant in the PLANiTULSA citywide workshop. It was exciting to see the level of enthusiasm in the room, but I came away feeling somewhat frustrated, and I'm not the only one. In the column, I make several suggestions for taking the ideas generated at the workshops and making them part of an ongoing public conversation about those ideas.

One more workshop is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, October 28. Over 300 people have already signed up. To register, visit or phone 918-576-5684.

In the column, I said that we were still awaiting the publication of the full crosstabs and comments from Collective Strength's survey of a thousand Tulsans and in-depth interviews. The survey crosstabs have now been posted in the PLANiTULSA document library. Responses are split up by region of the city, income, race, age, sex, and how long the respondent has lived in Tulsa.

In addition, each question is crosstabbed against whether the respondent feels city leaders understand his or her community's needs. You can see that on the right-hand side of each page. It was interesting to see that question compared to income brackets: While a majority of respondents in each bracket disagreed with the statement, the disagreement was greatest in the $50,000 to $75,000 bracket.

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