SNL on the bailout

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Spot-on satire. Fred Armisen's Barney Frank is priceless.

(Via Club for Growth.)

UPDATE: Guess what? NBC pulled the sketch without explanation. Perhaps it was too honestly critical of Democrats, in particular three wealthy and powerful people who fund far-left organizations: George Soros and Herbert and Marion Sandler. Michelle Malkin has details and a link for filing a complaint with the network.

It was the best satire of the night. Here are the script and screengrabs.

STILL MORE: NBC never posted video of the September 20 sketch ridiculing the provincialism of New York Times reporters. Video was posted to YouTube, but NBC forced them to pull it from the site.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Video is back up, but two things have been cut: The chyron saying "Herbert and Marion Sandler: People who should be shot," and this part:

[ Pelosi hugs Mrs. Sandler ]

Herbert Sandler: And thank you, Congressman Frank, as well as many Republicans, for helping block congressional oversight of our corrupt activity. [ he and his wife step away ]

Barney Frank: Not at all!

In other words, they got rid of anything that could get them sued by the Sandlers. Too bad they had to lose the "thank you, Congressman Frank" line.

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