Where are Obama's conservative friends and mentors?

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This is not an original thought. I know I've seen a form of this question asked, more than once, on some blog somewhere.

We know that Barack Obama has had among his close associates and mentors a number of radical leftists: His father, his stepfather, his father-figure mentor "Frank" in Hawaii, his roommate at Columbia, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers (who babysat his children, arranged for his job with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and very possibly ghost-wrote his first memoir) -- the list goes on and on.

So here's my question: Is there any conservative close friend or mentor or teacher in Barack Obama's history to act as a counterweight, to temper the influence of all these socialist father figures? Any influence in the direction of the benefits of capitalism, the disasters wrought by central control, the importance of the liberties that evolved through the English common law and became our founding principles?

We know he can discuss Niebuhr at the drop of a hat. Is he conversant with Adam Smith? Milton Friedman? Friederich Hayek? Has he read de Tocqueville?

Much has been written about presumed lack of intellectual curiosity on the part of Sarah Palin. Has Obama had the intellectual curiosity to explore conservative thought? Has he been open to understanding the equally authentically African-American but very different experiences of Clarence Thomas?

Leaving aside the realm of the intellect, what about experience that might temper his redistributionist proclivities? Obama has spent his entire professional life as a community agitator, an attorney, or a politician. Has he ever been closely connected with someone who owned and operated a small business or a farm? Is there a "Joe the Plumber" anywhere in his experience? Has he been close to anyone who has built a business from scratch, using hard work, ingenuity, and ambition to grow it and become successful? Has he been close to someone whose ambitions have been stymied by burdensome government?

Finally, is there anything or anyone in Obama's experience that attaches him emotionally to this country? All of his close associates are disaffected, alienated, even hostile to America as it is. He chose to detach himself from the "middleclassness" of his "typical white" grandparents and to attach himself to the grievance industry. Is there any heretofore unknown mentor or close friend whose influence on Obama would temper or moderate the influence of his known associates?

Christopher Buckley has written glowingly about Obama's intellect. Intellect by itself is nothing without the raw materials of facts and ideas and first principles which intellect processes to come to conclusions. Is there anything of a conservative or traditionalist nature in Obama's inner repository?

Is there anything in his formative influences, anything ingrained into his temperament, that would act as an internal brake against radical policies?

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Pamela Author Profile Page said:

I laughed reading this. I remember watching a very short segment of one of Bill O'Reiley's interview segments with Obama. He challenged a statement Obama made about having conservative friends. Bill challenged him by asking him to name one. He skirted the question several times. He has no conservatives that he is around. It is pretty evident by just listening to him. I can tell which news sources people use just by their speaking. Most times they parrot what they hear instead of taking time to find out what really is going on and coming to their own conclusions.

BTW It only took me listening to one primary speech to convince me that Obama is a socialist. It was a speech he gave during the week of the Texas primary. His speech reminded me of world history classes I took in high school (at least three decades ago). From what I hear I sincerely doubt that they are teaching the evils of totalitarian governments like they did when I was a girl.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

History tells us that Hitler was smart too...

Bob said:

Very fine analysis, Michael.

Your final paragraph asks:

"Is there anything in his formative influences, anything ingrained into his temperament, that would act as an internal brake against radical policies?"

The Answer: NO.

He's the most LIBERAL member of the U.S. Senate.

He's spent his entire life surrounded and influenced by either: Communists, or hard-left Socialists.

He won't release his Columbia University Transcript.


He majored in Political Science. Which Political Science?

Answer: Marxist-Leninism.

His Transcript would show which Professors and which courses he took.

Not, Capitalism courses.

If not from his Co-Dependent Main Stream Media Promoters, people today would be scratching their heads saying, Barack Hussein WHO???

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