Fix our mailer

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This came in the mail recently, urging a vote for the two City of Tulsa streets propositions on Tuesday's ballot. Click the image to see a bigger version.


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mad okie Author Profile Page said:

I saw that and was going to post on it, but since you already have, Ill just comment here...

as a former prepress worker in a print shop I have to say... OMGWTFBBQ?!?! What moron let this see the light of day?

Why was the old lady cropped in the way she was? Where is her hair? Why is her chin on the other side of the flyer? Is that bigfoot's chin sticking out from the top?

This has to be one of the worst campaign mailers I have ever seen. If this is the best they can do with their money on mailers, can you imagine what they will do to our streets with our money?

Bob said:

I agree with Mad Okie. Why are there FOUR shots of people's CHINS?

Since I got mine in Saturday's mail, I presume it was a belated Halloween prank.

Sure scared me.

Another scary advertisement I've been seeing on local TV:

A Karen Keith TV ad with former Republican Mayor Bob LaFortune making clucking, cooing and purring sounds on behalf of Democratic County Commissioner Candidate Karen Keith.

Is there still a Republican Party? Should his GOP membership card be cancelled?

A recent TV Ad that I have been immensely enjoying is one of Obama and the Ranting Reverand Wright, showing the long and close association between the Mentor and the Messiah.

Just in time, or too-little, too-late?

But where is the VIDEOTAPE recording of Obama applauding and fist-pumping Michelle Obama during one of the Reverand Jeremiah Wright's rants???

Paul Tay Author Profile Page said:

Vote NO on Prop 1 & 2, dammit!

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