How Obama got elected

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On election day, a documentary crew interviewed people who had just voted for Barack Obama to get a sense of what messages about the candidates had reached them. The video revealed that these voters had heard plenty about Sarah Palin's wardrobe and her daughter's out-of-wedlock pregnancy, but they were unaware of even more embarrassing or damaging information about Obama or running mate Joe Biden. The voters, who were "chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience," were read statements and asked to identify to which one of the four presidential and vice-presidential nominees the statement pertained.

The video quiz was followed up with a scientific poll by the Zogby organization, asking the same questions of 512 Obama voters nationwide. Only 2.4% correctly answered at least 11 of the 12 multiple choice questions.

The interviews and polling data are research for a documentary, "How Obama Got Elected." Click that link to learn more and keep track of the project's progress.

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Pamela Author Profile Page said:

I saw this video on other blogs. Pretty sad.

This was my experience with Obama supporters. They could not adequately respond to a single issue I brought up. One of my friends I repeated asked about policies that he thought would be good for the country. I never got an answer except for how horrible Bush was. Another person that asked me why I was not voting for Obama. I responded with giving details about his universal health care plan that will probably close even more businesses and put more people out of work. After a 1-2 minute stare his response was, 'What else about Obama don't you like?' I just stopped and answered that I did not like his moral stances. I knew they would vent on that. I knew that they had no idea about what he was standing for.

We are in trouble if people do not care about who they elect any more than this. If I could find a brief amount of time while being the main caretaker for my very sick father to listen to a couple of primary speeches of Obama these people could have. It only took listening to one or two speeches to know the main things he said he would do. This is absolutely pathetic.

Bob said:

Political pundits can endlessly analyze and pontificate how Obama won.

He won because:

1. The Mainstream Media were totally on his side. Not even making any pretense of challenging him on his experience, his proposed programs, and his character defects. MOST liberal Senate voting record.

And, his dubious associations: Ayers, ranting Reverand Wright, Father Fleager, and Farakkhan; plus those suborned college transcripts gone M.I.A., etc., etc., etc.

2. Obama was not running against McCain. The media let him run against incumbent George W. Bush, who is at an absolute nadir of popularity for a sitting president. Not a real popularity contest.

3. Obama lied about being willing to accept Presidential General Election spending and fund raising limits. When the final expenditures totals come in, if we even get to see what they approximate, he raised and spent $100,000,000's more than McCain-Palin.

Wonder if we'll ever learn the source of those $100,000,000's in campaign contributions under $200 made via PRE-PAID credit cards??

Trial Lawyer straw donors?

China? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Venezuela?

4. The GOP had a very bad year. They typically don't do very well when they run a Senior Citizen for a first time run for President: Ford, Dole, and McCain. All pushing 70 or even older. All losers.

Maybe they'll learn that someday after a lengthy stay in the political Wilderness.

Oh, and say hello to Senator Begich from Alaska.

Brent Taylor Author Profile Page said:

Actually, was somewhat taken back they were this bright. They had the Sarah Palin bashing routine perfected...

Was that some weed sitting there beside them?

Roy said:

One answer disturbed me far, far more than the wrong answers. Checking out the telephone poll I learned that 80 percent of the folks correctly answered the question about redistributing the wealth. They knew Obama had said it. Their vote suggests they endorsed his view.

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