Tulsa and Oklahoma roundup

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Tulsa Food Blog has a list of New Year's Eve dining and entertainment possibilities.

David Schuttler is keeping an eye on a self-described community center on N. Sheridan Rd. that sure looks like a nightclub. He also has video of a helicopter lifting new air conditioning units to the roof of the Mayo Hotel.

OK1 News has video from the November meeting of the Governor's Ethnic American Advisory Council, an official state organization we've written about previously. State Rep. Mike Reynolds was one of the observers in attendance. (Found on Okie Campaigns.) Commenter zTruth notes that the GEAAC no longer posts its agendas or minutes on the web.

Jeff Shaw ponders his son's frequent "what's your favorite" questions. I remember my oldest going through that phase. Jeff is right: Some day the questions will cease and along with it one opportunity to connect with your child. Like Jeff, I found it hard to answer that sort of question without qualification.

Bobby of Tulsa Topics explains why the Russians haven't had Christmas yet. And he chimes in with his list of jobs.

The daily paper has a map showing the most frequent places for city-issued traffic tickets and a link to a list of all tickets issued.

Via Lost Tulsa here are a set of photos of the late lamented Williams Center Forum ice rink. My first date with my wife in Tulsa was at this rink.

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Bob said:

I'm looking forward to a future UTW article about all the various and nefarious links between BOK and the City of Tulsa:

--Our Mayor served on the Board of the bank until just prior to becoming Mayor.

--Then, she engineered with the help of BOK General Counsel Fred Dorwart, having the City of Tulsa joined as a Defendant in the Great Plains Airlines Lawsuit, IMMEDIATELY followed by a $7.1 million "Settlement" for 100% of the principal owing on the debt. NOT a REAL settlement, boys and girls. Mayor Taylor had a Conflict-of- Interest a mile wide.

--In her spare time, Mayor Taylor was a principal cheerleader with County Commissioner Randi Miller helping promote the Kaiser River Tax grab.

--Then, Mayor Taylor engineered moving City Hall to One Technology Center, overpaying for a nearly empty building by a factor of 2X-3X. She then turns around and grants the Master Lease Agreement to BOK, so BOK can then in turn rent space to themself at tax-payer subsidized rates after the only tenants move out.

Oh, and the bank also handles the Thirty-Year financing on the OTC deal. Of course.

--BOK gets 100% of the bond underwriting on every G.O., Revenue, or GARVEE bond issued by the City of Tulsa.

--The City of Tulsa keeps all its bank accounts at BOK. Tulsa County, too?

--I sure HOPE that someone independent of the bank is reconciling those bank accounts vs. the debt service on the bond obligations versus the tax revenues thrown off by the various taxing schemes.

Or, is the City still just taking Stan Lieburger's word for it? Doesn't longtime City of Tulsa Finance Director Mike Kier always seem so NERVOUS? Wonder why?

--Former BOK Subsidiary Oppenheimer operative John Piercey keeps the books on the Vision 2025 tax receipts, bond indebtedness expenditures, and Vision 2025 spending. NOT the County Fiscal Officer Mr. Smith. Why?

A private citizen, John Piercey, keeps the books on county tax receipts, expenditures, and bonded indebtedness debt service? Whaaaaat?

--Then, there's the new downtown Driller Stadium, that the bank is likewise handling the financing. With an associated Stadium Trust Agreement drafted by BOK General Counsel Fred Dorwart that only takes 11 Drafts to pass the City Council's smell test.


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