A fond farewell from the left

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An interesting appreciation of soon-to-be-former President George W. Bush, from Dawn Summers, who doesn't "agree with the President on *anything*," but she's grateful to him for two things:

The Homeland. No, I don't think the idea of this juggernaut department or its infinite surveillance powers were a good idea, but I love the term. I love this country, but too often we're expected to trade the unpopular "nationalism" for a wishy washy "global citizen" viewpoint where we're all about Darfur and Gaza and nation building.... President Bush went a long ways to bringing the Homeland to the forefront of our conversation. We may be children or grandchildren of immigrants, or immigrants ourselves, but now we are all Americans.

Second, I loved watching the President as a father.... President Bush, on the other hand, seemed to cherish his role as father and husband in a way that has brought a dignity to the White House and American *men* in general, that I hope President-Elect Obama can, at the very least, meet, if not exceed. A good American and a great father, not too shabby for eight years work.

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S. Lee Author Profile Page said:

Bush didn't do much of anything good or bad on domestic governance. I can recall very little leadership on the domestic side of things except for that dufus No Child Left Behind. Instead, he amicably smiled and twiddled his thumbs while Congress made a wreck of the place.

The fact that he won twice can be attributed to the utterly forlorn picks for his opponents. The Democrat party has nobody to blame but themselves for that. Looking back, I don't know about John Kerry, but it has become apparent that Al Gore is a certified nut case. Google "manbearpig".

There was the poorly handled Iraq thing. Not really a war. More of a demonstration of shock and awe followed by: Now what do we do? Contrast that with the Vietnam War of LBJ (introduction and preface by JFK).

There was the faulty intelligence info (perhaps encouraged by groupthink) about WMDs. Contrast that with the Clinton era intelligence bungling that resulted in the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The American population does seem to have a few difficulties with its selection of presidential candidates ... rather like Tulsa and its past picks for Mayor.

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