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I don't often scan the FM dial, but I was in the car last night, and the two talk stations were in the middle of basketball games, and I wasn't in the mood to hear 10 minutes of the middle of a ball game.

There's a new station -- new to me anyway -- called Chrome 93.5, and it plays music from the '50s and '60s. When oldies radio started it was '50s and '60s, but somewhere along the way oldies crept up to the '70s and '80s, when I was in high school and college, and that is just wrong.

The station doesn't seem to have a web presence. It shows up on the FCC database as K228BR, a translator, broadcasting with a whole 250 watts of power from a 58m tower at the Clear Channel megaplex (formerly Oertle's) at 26th and Memorial. The service area has a radius of about five miles.

I'm happy to hear real oldies -- doowop, rockabilly, Motown, British Invasion -- on the radio again. Driving around town this evening we heard "Stop in the Name of Love" (Supremes, 1965), "Look through Any Window" (Hollies, 1965), "Teen Angel" (Mark Dinning, 1959), "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" (Stevie Wonder, 1965), "One Fine Day" (Chiffons, 1963), "Since I Don't Have You" (Skyliners, 1958).

Because I was singing along to some of the music, my 12-year-old said, "So... this is the music you listened to when you were in high school and college?" No, son, this is music your grandparents would have listened to in high school, college, and young adulthood. But it's better than the stuff we had 20 years later.

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see-dubya said:

Hear, hear. My dad was in the class of 1958 and I envy his having good music that stood the test of time to dance to at his high school reunions.

I had "grunge".

CGHill Author Profile Page said:

Which invites a question: Is this a retransmission (this is a translator station, after all) of KQLL-HD2?

BuilderBob Author Profile Page said:

Thanks Michael, I picked up the station at 131st and Memorial

Charles, I wondered about that, too, except that they aren't announcing it as such. I haven't yet listened to the online feed of KQLL-HD2 to see if it matches up to what's on 93.5.

BobInTulsa Author Profile Page said:

I tuned in to 93.5 FM as I drove from the Woodland Hills area up to the Cherokee Industrial District this afternoon: Memorial to the B/A to US-75 to 66th Street North. The signal was crystal clear all the way. Not bad for 250 watts!

When I got back home, I remembered this post. Here’s some more info on Chrome 93.5:,120074.msg969454.html#msg969454

Patti Simpson said:

My husband and I found this station while scanning for a good station to listen to. We Loved it. We are changing all our stations to this one. It is actually the real Oldies!!! Heard songs I haven't heard in years!!!!!!

Rhonda McAlister said:

I love this station !! Sometimes you have to do the FM1 and FM2, it comes in stronger on one or the other. But I work at 53rd and Yale, in a higher building, and can't get it on my MP3 or any radio. I'm so MAD! It would make great "happy" music for the office! Hurry and get BIGGER AND LOUDER, we need good music in Tulsa!

sandra m ford said:

De'je'vue. The real kind~where you revel
in a feeling of homesickness for the past and good things remembered. I just found this tiny station with a big sound last week, while commuting to work from Mingo to S Peoria at 49th. It is a simple joy..just to hear the songs on the way home. I mentally picture my Aunts teaching me the mashed potatoe and pony
on our living room floor of our ranch house in N California in the 60s. Those were oldies, and Wolfman Jack was King of Urban Legand radio. Patsy Cline has yet unmatched pitch and ordinary
cotton clothes had coolness by the way you wore them. American autos were older models and you were date-rated by your radio. I have tried to make this 93.5 our official station at my place of business, (I own this business, and it is retro themed) but unfortunately I cannot get reception inside the building. *sigh...less was best

What's your place of business?

sandra m ford said:

Michael: My business is called RagTop Hair, a retro convertible car themed salon. Thanks for asking. :) Chrome is the perfect station for a feel-good appropriate atmosphere. It's it odd how older seems fresher?

SB said:

Why is Chrome now playing 70's music? This has just started recently, since 106.1 started playing Christmas music 24/7.

Mark Stelljes said:

I think there are to many repeats through out the day. I wish they were modeled after AM 1340 WMID. Lots and lots of oldies from the 50's and 60's. How do you contact the station?

Sarah Lunn said:

I LOVE this radio station! My husband turned mo on to it 2 weeks ago and now it's my favorite, HANDS DOWN!(although I can't always tune it in for some reason) I listen all day at work. This music is all of the ones I loved growing up in the late 60's and all of the 70's. I'm hearing songs I haven't heard since I was in the 2nd grade. Liked them then, LOVE them now. Thank you, and please keep up this great work!!!

dave simon said:

Work nights at 36th street north and Garnett. Caught this the other night in a frenzy of trying to get away from crying in yer beer and too new "old" rock. Whew, what a score. Not a bad one all night. I will be back tonight, seems the signal faded a bit over time. But that's when a volumn knob helps. Keep it up. What fun! ! !

My customers were asking me what they were listening to on this past Saturday in my Bridal Shop, Bridal Elegance. They said "I love your music selection". Thankyou chrome radio 93.5 fm! We are all enjoying the music!

jim ethington said:

i agree one plays the oldies anymore and i grew up with them...this is the music that started it only problem is i cant pick it up to good out where i live..near keystone dam....cant pick it up on my home stereo..and it drives me crazy....any suggestions as to maybe how to pick it up....hope 93.5 keeps it up and continues the music for a long time...jim ethington

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