Columnist Bates quits weekly

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No, not me.

For over 20 years, Michael M. Bates wrote a weekly column for The Reporter, a weekly paper based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. As for his political philosophy, this other Michael Bates outflanks me: "As a lad, Mike distributed Goldwater campaign literature and since then has steadily moved further to the Right."

Bates quit in protest over the headline placed over his January 22 column. He gave the column, a counterpoint to the inauguration-induced Obamamania, the title, "Include Me Out." At the end of the piece, he excluded himself from the company of those wishing the new president success:

The "We Are One" theme comes at a remarkable time. After eight years of liberals bashing President Bush and other Republicans, it's expected that magically all Americans will suddenly, joyously unify as one big happy family under Obama.

That ain't gonna happen. Some Republicans are wishing Obama success. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is one, saying that "We need to get behind our new president and our new Congress," and "support them."

Support them in driving this country into the ground? If Obama delivers on his campaign promises, it'll be an unmitigated disaster. Good luck for him means bad luck for the United States .

Other conservatives may wish the new president success. That's their prerogative. As movie producer Samuel Goldwyn said, include me out.

The Reporter put this headline and subhed over Bates's column:

Success for Obama would be disaster
Bitter conservative can't wish U.S. well

Michael M. didn't mind being called a bitter conservative. It was the last half of that subhed that stuck in his craw:

No, the objectionable portion was [the editor's] claiming I can't wish my own country well. It implies I'm unpatriotic. That isn't accurate. Well, he went on, if Obama doesn't succeed, then America will fail. How can you not wish Obama well if you love your country?

I replied that Obama is most emphatically not the United States, even though his admirers habitually think so. His "success" in imposing his radical agenda means America loses. National victory requires a vigorous rejection of most of Obama's schemes.

Michael M. Bates will continue to post columns on his website,, and on his blog at Townhall. From one opinionated Michael Bates to another, all the best.

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Ted D. said:

I was thinking I would see this headline soon. But I didn't expect it to be a different Michael Bates. God Bless to you Michael. I pray things go well for you.

I was about to hurl my body on the floor and flop around like a fish. You're the only reason I pick up an Urban Tulsa Weekly.

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