Good news from TU workshop

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Last night, on TulsaNow's public forum, DSJeffries posted this summary of last night's PLANiTULSA workshop for the TU area:

It seems everyone in this area is on the same page:

-Bringing in new businesses and housing while preserving our great existing brick buildings
-Establishing a link to downtown via 6th Street
-Establishing a rail stop at 11th & Lewis
-Restoring the street grid
-Repairing the damage TU has done by closing itself off and fencing itself in
-Revitalizing the Route 66, Admiral, Whittier Square and Harvard corridors to their former glory
-Adding bike and pedestrian paths
-Improving sidewalk continuity
-Making the whole area more walkable
-Giving the neighborhood a unique identity ("to be NOT like 71st Street" was heard several times)

Great workshop! Can't wait for the transportation workshop tomorrow.

"Tomorrow" is now today (Tuesday, Feb. 24). That transportation workshop will start in just a few minutes -- 6 p.m. at the Central Center in Centennial Park.

I'm pleased to see preservation and restoration as key themes. In the new Urban Tulsa Weekly out tomorrow, you'll see my report on last week's Forest Orchard area workshop, which borders the TU workshop map to the west.

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I'm sorry to say I missed this. I was at the Lisa Randall Lecture at TU. Probably should have been at this instead.

Clint Carter said:

I met you in October at Shades of Brown with Brad Andrews - we're looking to plant a church around the Cherry Street area this summer. Thanks for the post. That's exciting stuff. Can't wait to move to Tulsa and work for the good of the city.

It was great to meet you and Brad then -- look forward to having you here in Tulsa.

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