Tulsa High Tech -- rebooted

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Venerable Tulsa technology guru Don Singleton has relaunched Tulsa High Tech, this time as a strictly online presence. (If you really want the dead-tree version -- to give to a less-tech-savvy relative, for example -- you can download a PDF and print it.)

The scope of Tulsa High Tech is wide-ranging, but there's a definite bent toward helping computer users at all levels connect with the resources they need to learn new skills. Don writes in this issue's intro:

The purpose of Tulsa High Tech is to provide a clearing house for what is happening in the area of High Technology in the Tulsa Area, including education, seminars and workshops, blogging, exhibits, manufacturing, and anything else we can think of. In addition to providing access to class schedules, listings of various groups, and product reviews we intend to cover the human interest side of IT. We will feature profiles of instructors, community service projects, etc. If you are involved in any way with High Technology in the greater Tulsa Area, and would like to have your organization included, email me.

As computers have become ubiquitous, general computer user groups have lost their prominence. While experts may turn to specialized online forums, there's still a need to help beginners get started with a technology, even if the beginner is an expert in some other realm of software and hardware. Don hopes to create a central clearinghouse for Tulsans interested in technology, where even tech gurus can learn something new.

In the Feb. 2009 issue of Tulsa High Tech, you'll find tips on using the Google Maps API and Dreamweaver CS Pro, internet safety resources for kids and parents, a beginners' corner item on attaching photos to e-mail messages, an alert about bank "phishing" scams. You'll also learn about Tulsa Technology Center's campuses in Second Life. (Really.) There's also a nice little piece about this blog.

Go check it out.

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BobInTulsa Author Profile Page said:

Why did the Tulsa Computer Society disband? I didn’t know it had died.
It appears that Don’s new online offering is functionally similar to the online “I/O Port” he published back in the TCS days, so why the change?
I have a print copy of “The I/O Port Newsletter” from October 1997: 503 Members & 10,000 Copies. Back then, when I was a member, it appeared the org was going into a stall. There were several possible reasons and not just “changing times.”
The fact that “computers have [indeed] become ubiquitous” would make me expect an even greater demand for a TCS user organization with various interest (SIG) groups, live meetings, and guest speakers. That is not so. Such a shame. I hope this new effort is successful.

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