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J. Wesley Bush, a long-standing friend of this blog, has launched a new website to bring together his world-ranging interests in one place. Bush is "an immigration historian, Russian linguist and East European area specialist," and as you might expect, his blog covers immigration policy and developments in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine and Russia. He also brings a conservative perspective to political and cultural issues. Here's a sampler of his recent work:

J. Wesley Bush is no newcomer to blogging. He was in Kiev in 2004, serving at the time as a Presbyterian missionary, and provided indispensable on-the-scene coverage of Ukraine's Orange Revolution, blogging at Le Sabot Post-Moderne. He was missed during his blogging hiatus, and it's great to have him back in the blogosphere in a big way.

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Don said:

Immigration policy is one of the easiest subjects there is, and the "policy" is the same for every country: never let anyone permanently into your country who doesn't want to fully become one of you.

For example, the French should never let anyone in who is not willing to assimilate, learn French, adopt their culture, morals and values and embrace their socialist secular ways.

Strength lies in unity, not internal Balkinization, division, separation, and multiculturalism. E pluribus unum, out of many, one.

What my ancestors did, I expect no less of everyone else immigrating to a nation. My great-grandfather came over from Germany. He raised a large family here of which he sent at least 3 sons back to Germany to fight the Kaiser (including my Grandfather). That is what I expect of an immigrant...one who so thoroughly adopts his new country that he is willing to send his own blood to fight the nation in which he was born and raised.

Open, encouraging, arms seeking immigrants to join us AND become one of us. How much unrest around the world would have been avoided if this simply policy been universally adopted?

J. Wesley said:

This is incredibly kind of you. Thanks so much for helping launch the new site. Definitely above and beyond. . .

John Boston said:

The bill Carter signed didn't legalize home brewing. It just exempted a certain amount brewed for personal consumption from taxation.

Legalization after the repeal of prohibition was left up to each state. Home brewing is still illegal in Oklahoma, along with three other states.

-John Boston
Former President of the Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM)

S. Lee Author Profile Page said:

Home brewing is still illegal in Oklahoma,

Can't have those home brewers competing with the meth labs.

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