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Chris Medlock is back to blogging, having moved his blog to a domain with a matching name, Since relaunching, he's written about both local and national issues, including the strange case of Obama excluding the press from a ceremony in which he was to receive an award from a press organization.

His most recent entry includes audio of Pat Campbell's comments on his show the Monday morning after KFAQ cancelled the Chris Medlock Show. Pat has kind words to say about Chris, and he made it clear that the cancellation of Chris's show reflected the station's economic situation, not Chris's performance.

Shortly before Pat's arrival in April 2008, I was informed that my weekly segment on KFAQ, which had run continuously since September 2003, was being discontinued. I was told that I might be called on from time to time to talk about a particular local issue that I covered here or in my UTW column. (And indeed that happened, with occasional appearances with Pat, Chris, and Elvis, most often with Chris, although the time of day didn't always allow me to participate.)

The change made sense: The station was launching a two-hour daily program devoted primarily to local issues, hosted by an expert. There really wasn't a need for my segment to continue. It was fun while it lasted, but I haven't missed having to get up extra early every Tuesday.

But now that there isn't a Chris Medlock Show, it would make sense to add a regular local politics segment alongside all the other weekly segments on the Pat Campbell Show. And it would make sense for that segment to feature the insights of a former city councilor and mayoral candidate named Chris Medlock.

MORE: Muskogee Politico notes that KFAQ has reposted the final week of podcasts of the Chris Medlock Show; MP calls it a "good start." Steven Roemerman says the gesture is "too little, too late."

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Todd said:

Thank you Michael for posting this!

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

I liked Medlock's content but I sometimes had a hard time listening to his style. I also hate to hear about the stations "economic situation". I hope KFAQ is not in its death throws with this format. I would miss it greatly.

Todd said:

I liked Medlock's content and style as well as PC's. However, I still question the way in which this was all handled. If you had to get rid of Chris (and he couldn't have went to a one hour slot for less cash) then whatever you do, don't put up an extra hour of Laura Ingraham.

If anything, bring back Brian and the Judge for that timeslot! Once again, I like PC and Elvis very much and listen to their shows to but the voice of Chris will be missed by many Q nation folk!

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