What's going on in Adair County?

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No time to analyze or comment, but you need to be aware of Red Dirt Report's series on Adair County and a discord on the county commission, centering on Republican newcomer Russell Turner and his efforts to ensure that the county fulfills its functions in accordance with state law. So far three stories have been published. They involve allegations of arson and intimidation, questionable handling of road funds, and county paving of non-governmental roads.

RDR: Adair County Blues - Part 1 in a series

RDR: Adair County Blues - Part 2 in a series

RDR: Rep. Auffet says folks are frustrated by dispute in Adair County

Andrew Griffin is doing some very thorough reporting. Keep an eye on Red Dirt Report for future installments.

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What's going on in Adair County? The typical, 'good ole boy' politics that has gone on, and continues to go on, in the predominately Democratic areas of the state.

The ironic part is that in Adair County, only 31% of voters are registered Republican, yet two of the three county commissioners are Republican.

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