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HelenAlvarez1952-200.jpgI'm in the throes of a major effort at work and only have time to throw you a few links to good reading elsewhere:

For your viewing pleasure, Tulsa TV Memories links to the Life archive and photos from February 1952 of KOTV general manager Helen Alvarez. Besides photos of the lovely Mrs. Alvarez, the archive shows the Channel 6 news, weather, and sports sets of the day, plus photos from the Sun Refinery and of a powwow. (Does this qualify as a Rule 5 post?)

Irritated Tulsan discovers that the Boulder Ave. bridge is safe enough -- for the crane that's demolishing it.

Steve Roemerman has posted a new podcast, reacting to Councilor G. T. Bynum's comments during last week's ballpark assessment vote.

Chris Medlock has a new podcast up
, reacting to comments about city election "reform" made by former Mayor Susan Savage. And he talks to State Sen. Randy Brogdon about the legislative session and the gubernatorial campaign.

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LaRueLaDue said:

Rule 5 post? Yes... yes, it does. Keep them coming!

Jennifer (Reed) Hollon said:

I grew up in the house that Helen Alvarez built (and occupied for a short time) at 2902 E. 31st, across the street from John Knox Presbyterian Church. It was a traditional "plantation" house from the outside, but had an ultra modern open floorplan inside. We moved in soon after I turned 5, and I clearly remember the master bedroom. It had black wallpaper (wallpaper - not painted) and pure white shag carpeting 10 years before shag was popular. A very small fireplace outlined in white marble graced the wall across from the bed. My mother lost no time in painting the room a virulent shade of turquoise -very mainstream in the early 50's. But the white shag stayed until I was grown.

The fireplace was never lit though I always imagined the glamor of those sleek black walls and the glow of a fire. My parents often mentioned Ms. Alvarez at parties, and seemed to equate her with the likes of Talulah Bankhead - just some wacky artistic dame with horrible taste and loose morals. Growing up, I always wished I could meet Helen Alvarez - white shag and all.

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