Health care takeover: "You have turned this place into the DMV"

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A humorous illustration of the one-size-slow-go-rationed health care plan being proposed by Barack Obama and the Democrats:

(Via Chris Medlock.)

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sidburgess Author Profile Page said:

I really liked the quality of this, but I thought it was a little shallow. The argument against the nationalized health care was too weak. Not that I am for it, but I just want to hear better arguments against it being used. It isn't legal, it can't be paid for, our children will hate us.


cmac said:

I'm no fan of the spineless Democrats in Washington but the Republicans turn me off every time with half-truths like this. Doctors and patients do not make health care decisions, insurance companies do.

If government provided health care is so bad then why aren't we doing more for our veterans that all of the local patriots claim to honor and respect. I'm betting Rep. John Sullivan is very happy with his taxpayer provided health care plan that paid for his recent trip to Betty Ford.

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