Dewey Bartlett Jr contradicts news reports of 2006 Kathy Taylor endorsement

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On his Tuesday, August 25, 2009, appearance on KFAQ's Pat Campbell Show, Dewey Bartlett Jr denied (sort of, sputteringly) endorsing Kathy Taylor for Mayor over incumbent Republican Mayor Bill LaFortune in 2006, an endorsement that has been reported as fact, without contradiction, by mainstream media outlets several times during this campaign. He also seems to have changed his story on why he endorsed Taylor for re-election this year. His 2009 endorsement of Taylor is undeniable, as his photo and a quote appeared at the top of the Republicans for Kathy website.

Steven Roemerman has the story, and he provides the money quote from a Tulsa World story following Bartlett Jr's campaign announcement:

Even though Taylor -- who has decided not to seek re-election -- is a Democrat, Bartlett [Jr] backed her 2006 mayoral campaign, and she asked him to co-lead an analysis and gather public input before last fall's Fix the Streets package was assembled. He said he would not have run if she had campaigned for a second term.

Bartlett [Jr] said he will not be concerned if people consider him an extension of Taylor's leadership.

With the Kathy Taylor's Borg Cube (aka One Technology Center, aka new City Hall) running a $1.26 million deficit this fiscal year (and a balloon payment looming in just three years, with no nibbles so far on our 1969 City Hall or the other city lands that Taylor's handpicked real estate firm is trying to market), Taylor's leadership isn't looking so hot right now; maybe that's why Bartlett Jr is backing away from Taylor to the degree consistent with documentary evidence.

Roemerman also notes something else funny about the shifting reasons Bartlett Jr is giving for his endorsement:

He endorsed the Democrat before finding out if a solid GOP business man would be running. City Councilor Bill Christiansen wanted to run for mayor and was going to do so until Bartlett [Jr] got in the race and announced he would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. This caused Christiansen to balk. Christiansen is a very successful businessman. Why did Bartlett [Jr] have to support Taylor over Christiansen?

Bill Martinson was another potential mayoral candidate who, like Christiansen, has built a successful business, which is something neither Taylor nor Bartlett have done. Why not at least wait until the Republican field was set before endorsing an incumbent Democrat with some bad decisions on her record? Bartlett Jr's answers so far aren't satisfactory, and he seems to know it.

While Taylor worked in the corporate world for a time, her massive wealth was the result of marrying into it, not building it as part of growing a business. Bartlett Jr, from what I've been able to learn, inherited a family business and has managed to keep it going, but so far I can't find anything to indicate that Keener Oil & Gas Co. has grown under his leadership. (I stand ready to be corrected.) In fact, I seem to recall that early in his campaign, his ads referred to him as a successful businessman who knew how to create jobs. On KFAQ, he simply claimed to "have business experience."

I've got more to say on a related topic: The way the massive amount of inherited wealth in Tulsa distorts lifestyles, political arguments, and perceptions of success. Inherited wealth isn't a bad thing per se, and in fact it has kept Tulsa's economy afloat during economic hard times, but the body politic may need some corrective lenses as a result of its abundance here.

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XonOFF said:

corrective lenses??!?!

...more like cataract surgery.

Brooksider Author Profile Page said:

Running against anyone with deep pockets appears to be a losing proposition. No matter how unfit DB Jr might be, his wealth makes him a contender. But my trash hauler has created more jobs. Why do such people feel the need to get elected to something? Can't they find some less destructive way to stroke their egos?

On the opposite side of the fence, Tom Adelson's ads with glowing endorsements from his family--give me a break--are insulting to his electorate. I'm a Democrat and supported Adelson for State Senate, which makes these ads more embarrassing. Medlock is the only one I see addressing real issues. I don't agree with all of Medlock's positions, but it is the most honest, and therefore the most risky, campaign I've seen so far in this race. Doesn't mean I will vote for him, but he's looking better as the season wears on.

Bob said:

RINO Dewey, Jr. should be running in the DEMOCRATIC primary against Adelson.

Both backed Democrat Mayor Taylor in 2006, and were for her again until she suddenly decided withdraw her bid for Re-Election.

He belongs with the Demo's. And, over there, he can let his ponytail grow back.

Now, his portrait looks like its missing something.....IT'S THE PONYTAIL.

His political handlers told him that Conservative Republicans don't usually wear a ponytail.

So, he's temporarily close-shorn.

Paul Tay Author Profile Page said:

If you guys want Medlock to win, text all your Democrat friends to vote Tay, 8 September.

If I don't win the primary, Republicans are TOAST.

Kathy Taylor's hand-picked LIBERAL curtly informed me that the next Senate District 33 LIBERAL will come from the Mayor's Office.

If that happens, Anna can kiss that planned Jesus Christ statute at the Zoo ADIOS.

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