Eagleton challenges non-partisan election petition

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This afternoon, Tulsa City Councilor John Eagleton filed a lawsuit in Tulsa County District Court, challenging the validity of the petition seeking non-partisan elections. More details as they are available.

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XonOFF said:

I had thought it had been resurrected from oblivion in what appeared to be an inside interest propogation. It had laid dormant for a year or longer, then suddenly reappeared. Mr. Keir said something like he was just getting around to it. Right.

Whatever happened to all those rules about timelines, 90 days or such.

Mr. Keir also stated, iirc, that it was delayed due to his confusion about whether or not the signatures were to be validated. Remembering back to the F&M deal, wasn't he the one who claimed he was no handwriting analyst and could not be expected to compare signatures?

...getting kind of sick of the selective government around here.

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