Happy 13th birthday

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Please join me in wishing a happy 13th birthday to a wonderful, creative, funny young man with a bright future.


(And say a prayer for the father of a teenager.)

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Happy birthday to the young man, to be sure...

I must note, though, that at least in my experience, the teenage years are not that big a deal. I had very little trouble out of my oldest, now twenty and two semesters left to go at OSU, and am having very little trouble out of my sixteen-year-old Darling Daughter.

So don't let anyone scare you.

Dawn Summers said:

Happy Birthday, Batesteen!

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I missed this. Happy Birthday! May all your dreams and aspirations be achieved, and may you know the value of good parents, and good advice. May you find your own way, with just the right amount of guidance from wise people.

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