Is Tulsa Olympic vision 2020?

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A group of Tulsans that believes Tulsa could win and host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games made their case earlier this week in a presentation to the Tulsa City Council. (You can view the 2020 Tulsa Olympics presentation at Councilor John Eagleton's website.)

I appreciate the proponents' optimism, but I think some important factors are being overlooked:

Atlanta was already regarded as the capital and hub of the New South and on the map as home to CNN and major league sports teams in baseball, football, and basketball. As Steven Roemerman points out, Atlanta's airport was already one of the nation's busiest long before the city's Olympic bid.

The small towns that hosted the Winter Olympics -- Lake Placid, Squaw Valley, Lillehammer -- were resort towns in resort regions that routinely host many multiples of their permanent populations.

No matter how cheap the bid process may be, someone has to pay for the venues. Denver won the 1976 Summer Olympics, but local voters decided they had better things to spend their tax dollars on, and the games went to Montreal.

A giant Olympic stadium downtown would devastate what's left of downtown, requiring clearance of a massive area for the stadium itself and the support buildings.


Charles G. Hill has a list of things that will happen before Tulsa hosts the Olympics.

Nick Roberts offers some thoughts from down the turnpike, and reminds that 2020 is Africa's turn.

Steven Roemerman thinks Tulsa should go for the 3022 Space Olympics.

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Bob said:

Sponsoring the Olympics?

What a wonderful way to introduce the world to Oklahoma and tulsa superlatives. Let's list some:

1. No free interstate highway connecting Tulsa to the rest of America.

2. OOOOOOOOklahoma: Home of the Turnpike.

3. Roads equivalent to a Third World country.

4. Darkened highway lights adding that romantic ambience to our beat up streets. How romantic.

Liz said:

Don't some cities go into huge debt after sponsoring the Olympics. I don't think we need any debt, we can't even fix our roads.

It would be very embarrassing if the only people that showed up to the Tulsa Olympics were the players. Oh, I forgot, there's always Discoveryland for those OOT guests. BTW, no slam against OKLAHOMA!, I'm going there tonight, just don't think there are a lot of things here for outsiders.

cubsfan Author Profile Page said:

Tulsa needs to do a lot more things with their money before they host the 2020 olympics. It would be cool if we host it but it's not gonna happen.I would be SHOCKED if Tulsa got the games. Chicago has a better chance in 2016 and if Chicago gets the games in 2016 Minneapolis and Tulsa have a 0% chance in 2020.

Kipper said:

The Olympics would not be good for Tulsa but how about the X games. They bring their own equipment and hire local construction workers. Downtown Tulsa would be a great place for rally racing and the other activities. Just an idea. Would probably be easier to get.

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